Farmville Sweet Acres Complete Guide

With Farmville Zynga releasing the all new Sweet Acres soon, we have a complete guide for you, so that you can find all relevant links under a single post. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.
Sweet Acres First Look
Sweet Acres Farm Music
Sweet Acres Treasures
Sweet Acres Candy Points and Statue
Sweet Acres Unwither Rings
Sweet Acres Animals
Sweet Acres Trees
Sweet Acres Crops
Sweet Acres Vehicles
Sweet Acres Decorations
Sweet Acres Buildings
Sweet Acres Buildings with purpose
Sweet Acres Crafts
Sweet Acres Characters
Sweet Acres Beat event
Sweet Acres Eversweet Tree
Sweet Acres Starter Packs

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  1. Get the whole enchilada. To pay and play properly with all the bells and whistles, have the following farm-wide applications (applications that apply to all actions on all farms available from a single facebook sign-in...)

    Crafting Mastery statue: 200 Farm Cash.
    Double Bushels statue: 200 Farm Cash.
    Crop /Tree Mastery statue. 300 Farm Cash.
    Double Coins statue: 300 Farm Cash.
    Double Coconuts statue (if pursuing the 20+ million coconuts needed to gain expansions in Hawaiian Paradise).

    Recommended for Sweet Acres Farm: (1) Early Access: 45 Farm Cash. (Allows completion of Quest Chapter 1 and many freebies, sometimes including such surprises as free equipment receipt or special discounted farm cash offerings as well as "freebies." (2) Double Candy Points statue, 250 Farm Cash. (Allows doubling of your progress in leveling up receipts which are needed for eligibility of many items - from the unlocking of crops to unique gift receipts). Note that the Chapter Quests for Sweet Acres farm appear to include Candy Points that increment for each portion of a Quest chapter completed and also increment for each Quest chapter. By the time a Player advances to Chapter 8 of the Quest series, the Candy Points incremental value will be in excess of 1,000 Candy Points, perhaps 2,000 or more, for the completion of all steps in Chapter 8.

    If not made of money, not even "mad money," for the likes of FarmVille, consider just helping your neighbors who opt in during Early Access. Help them out by reviewing the Candy Shack Recipes. Unlike Australia where all recipe ingredients could only be grown on the Australia Farm, the Candy Shack Recipes require bushels for one of three ingredients that are obtainable from plantings on any farm. Open Market Stands for the bushels needed by your neighbors in their completion of the Quest steps of Chapter 1. And a return will surely become known to you for your helpfulness... What goes around surely does come around!


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