Farmville Sweet Acres Beat Candy Event

Zynga Farmville is soon going to roll out the Farmville Sweet Acres farm to all players… Many things are coded and expected to go live with the farm… But we even have image to the Beat Sweet Acres statue… Does that mean that we will see the new farm’s beat event early? Or is this just some preplanning? Anyways, here is the image for the Beat statue… Remember to share the post with friends if you like it… Happy Candy time…
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The Beat Sweet Acres Statue

Prior to the release of the beat event, there will be an opportunity to simply purchase the license for 100 Farm Cash

Here is a preview to the Beat Sweet Acres event, where you win the shipping license for it

A look at the requirements to Beat Sweet Acres



Expand the Eversweet Tree  to Level 6


3 pk of Turbos

Get 3 Star Mastery for each of these 12 Sweet Acres Crops: 

Snap Jelly, Butterscotch Blossom, Licorice Vine, Gummy Bud, Lollipop Twist, Marsh Melon, Gumdrop Daisy, Jellyanthemum, Candy Jasmine, Drop Lemon, Gumball Poppy, Sugar  Rose  


4,000 Candy Points

Improve the Candy Factory to Level 10


2000 Candy Points


Upgrade the Sugar Shack to Level 5

Instagrow Potion


All 4 of the above tasks (Crops, Sugar Shack , Improve the Eversweet Tree to Level 6 and Improve the Candy Factory to the highest level  )

Beat Sweet Acres Statue, and Shipping License for Sweet Acres

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  1. How do you get the candy factory to level 10? Mine says level 9, and it says fully completed...

    1. Me too! I've done all the tasks to beat candy except figure out how to get level 10.

    2. Obviously the candy factory only goes to level 9. Zynga loves to change things.

      You will have to email them to get your trophy and shipping license since all "beat" functions have disappeared except for their newest farm.


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