Farmville Dream Deer Woods Complete Guide

Farmville has released a new feature, the Dream Deer Woods, a new Animal Lab for crafting of special Deer. Special thanks to Dirt Farmers Dennis and Ioana and to Farmer Kriss for help with images and info contained herein. Check below to see the images we’ve found for you, and remember to share the post with friends if you find it helpful . . .
First, a look at the initial pop up you’ll receive upon placing the building:
Next, we have the various stages of the building:
Here are some tutorial images to help illustrate the workings of this new building:
We will be crafting the Dream Deer with wildflowers: For a list of how many you will need to craft the deer, and which deer gives which flower click here.

Blue Wildflower

Orange Wildflower

Pink Wildflower

Purple Wildflower

Yellow Wildflower

Here are the parts you will be using to build the Dream Deer Woods: When you harvest your completed Dream Deer Woods you will either receive a Fawn or a Wildflower for yourself and to share to the feed.

Smart Buildings mean requirements may vary by player

Magic Moss x10

Radiant Rays x10

Sparkling Stream x10

And here we have the various Deer you will be crafting with this newest animal lab: You can also store additional deer in the pen. For a list of which ones, click here.

Aurora Deer

Cloud Deer

Dusk Deer

Fire Deer

Firefly Deer

King Deer

Moon Deer

Nature Deer

Princess Deer

Queen Deer

Rain Deer

Shell Deer

Snowflake Deer
Sunrise Deer
Sunrise Deer

Water Deer

All of the above deer have fawns which can be bred from the adults in the Dream Deer Woods or shared via the Playpen. There are also many other Magic Deer with fawns. 

The Light Ridge Deer is a reward for completing a stage of the Destiny Bridge on the Mystical Groves Farm. It is an image changer, transforming into the Dark Ridge Deer when placed in the highlighted area near the Ancient Willow Spirit. Zynga has for some reason opted to code both versions into the game – so it will be possible to own both versions by adopting fawns if you so choose.
Light Ridge Deer
When you harvest your Dream Deer Woods, (ready every 11.5 hours) you will either get a Fawn or Wildflower to share. If you own a double baby statue, you will receive and be able to share 2 fawns if you get a fawn. As for the Wildflowers, when you get those, you will receive and share 1. The fawns from the Dream Deer Woods will correspond to the adults that you have inside.

When you receive a fawn, you can keep it and place in a playpen to get more for yourself and share more with friends, or you can grow it up with farm cash or fawn feed. Baby Fawns grown up will grow to the corresponding deer. The two Dream Deer that are NOT craftable, the Moon and Water Deer can be grown free with Fawn Feed if you catch a baby on the feed.

Clicking on "Craft Fawn Feed" from a baby will open the craft shop to the fawn feed recipe - or you can just look into the craft shop and find it under "parts"

Fawn Feed requires 3 Wild Alfalfa bushels, 3 Highbush Blueberry bushels and 3 Goldenrod Flower bushels. It takes 6 hours to make, and each recipe yields one Fawn Feed.

Alternately, if you do not wish to craft, you can purchase Fawn Feed in the market for farm cash.

When you have enough Fawn Feed, you simply click on the fawn and click "grow up" from the ensuing menu.

Your baby will grow to an adult deer of the same breed as the fawn that you grew.

The only way to use fawn feed is by clicking on the fawn and using the grow up menu. If you attempt to click on fawn feed in your gift box, you will get the following error message.

So what do you think? Are you excited to get this new building and craft some special deer? Remember to share the post with friends if you find it helpful.

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  1. Perhaps there will be a separate building for them to make the Fawns in, like the Horse Paddock but for the Deer, they are very cute and would be right for Enchanted Glen however there isn't really enough space on any of our farms besides the ones that give us coin expansions like home and English countryside to name a few so they need to give us the chance to get the room first -I miss good old fashioned farming of the old days though-stupid quest after quest is getting boring.

  2. Give me a break! These look like pseudo-Anime cute animals (not to 'dis Anime)..just give me my breeding sheep and pig pens back!!!

  3. I'd just like to expand my Dream Deer Woods so I can put my deer in one spot. I really don't have enough room for more storage things.

  4. What do you do to expand the capacity of the Dream Deer Woods. I have 20 in there already but need room for more.


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