The Dirt Farmer LIVE! : Podcast 2nd June 2013

Did you miss the very first ALL NEW Dirt Farmer LIVE!?

Never fear, we have a podcast to catch you up on all you missed. Check it out for all the latest news on the upcoming Planet Dirt Space Farm, Dream Nursery, this week’s upcoming quests, and all new upcoming unreleased items and features.

Learn about what Zynga broke and fixed this week and how to get your ability to right click in game back.

Join us on air on the All Digital Radio Network , and in our Dirt Box every Sunday night at 8 PM Eastern time (GMT –4) /5 PM Zynga time. Happy Farming!

To listen to or download the podcast From the Farmville Rant site click here.

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  1. The podcast is no longer available because the creators of the FarmVille Rant Radio website no longer do the show. They now do Off The Hook Radio. The first podcast is not listed on this website. It was only listed on the FarmVille Rant Radio website which does not exist anymore.


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