Farmville Tree Groves - A Complete Guide

Tree Groves were introduced to Farmville in April of 2012 as a way to accelerate the mastery rate of trees harvested in orchards and boosting the amount of currency received from these trees.  Like orchards, groves are placed and built on your farm. Although identical in appearance, there are actually 4 different types of groves that you can have on your farm (I, II, III, and IV). Type I & II groves require a total of 30 special parts to build, and type III & IV groves require 60 parts to complete.  Fortunately for us, as of January 2013, you can also use Special Delivery Boxes to build your groves.  Groves are also similar to orchards in that you can place trees in them (up to 20) and harvest them for currency, mastery, and water or mystery seedlings. Like standard orchards, groves take 2 days to become ready to harvest. 

Although functioning identically the same as regular orchards, groves also help orchards when placed next to an orchard. Each of the 4 types of groves has its own unique areas of influence (or bonus areas, if you prefer), allowing for tree mastery and currency bonuses to be applied to adjoining orchards when the orchards are harvested. When the bonus areas of influence from several groves overlap onto the same orchard, the orchard bonuses are increased according to the number of groves influencing that orchard. The below illustration shows the bonus areas of influence for each of the 4 grove types.

By cleverly arranging different types of groves around you orchards, you can achieve large bonuses for mastery and currency received from the harvesting of the orchards.  The picture below shows the arrangement of groves around a single orchard that gives you the maximum possible orchard bonus. Note that you could use Type III groves instead of Type I or II groves where shown, but since they require twice the number of parts to build, we've chosen to show the easier-to-build Type I & II groves instead.

To confirm the bonus that any given orchard will receive, simply mouse-over the orchard you want to check, and you will get a pop-up showing the bonus that orchard will receive. The picture below shows what an orchard placed in an optimal grove configuration will receive. In this case, each tree in this orchard would receive 9 mastery points and an additional 1.2 times the normal amount of currency. For example, a Mountain Silverbell tree would normally harvest for 150 coins and 200 coconuts on its own.  If harvested in our exhibit orchard, it would give 330 coins and 440 coconuts in addition to 9 mastery points. For more on mastery with different arrangements click here for the DF Mastery Points Chart

When placing or moving a grove, its bonus areas of influence will be shown, as will the new bonus an influenced orchard (or orchards) will receive if you place the grove on that particular spot.  This is illustrated below for a Type IV grove.  It's interesting to note that a grove does not have to have any trees in it, nor does it have to be ready to harvest in order for the bonus it gives to any bordering orchard to apply. 

After harvesting an orchard that is linked to one or more groves, you can not move that orchard away and replace it with another ready-to-harvest orchard and expect to receive the grove bonuses for the newly-placed orchard. Zynga designed it so that the you do not receive a bonus for placing orchards of any readiness level into an area of grove influence until that orchard has been harvested once in its new location. This is to prevent you from moving/shuffling/rotating a limitless number of ready orchards through the same group of 8 groves, thereby racking-up huge bonuses while only having to have a total of 8 groves on your farm to support all those orchards.  If you want to receive big bonuses for a number of orchards on your farm, you will simply have to build a lot of groves to support those orchards; much like the farmer has done in the picture below.

Taking the time & effort to build groves can greatly enhance you currency production and tree mastery rates if you have the patience and parts to build them.  If you would like to view the original guide to groves published in the Official Zynga Forums, please click here.  Please understand that it was written before the release of Type III & IV groves, so it will be somewhat limited in the amount of information it provides. Also, your humble servants at The Dirt Farmer have published a video that shows how to shuffle (or rotate) trees through orchards, and includes the use of groves in the video. You can view that by clicking here 

Miscellany (random notes, tidbits, & peanut shells)
  • Most trees need to be harvested 450 times to achieve 3-star mastery. By using the optimal grove/orchard arrangement shown above, the number of harvests required to master a single tree in one of these orchards drops to 50. Having 2 of the same tree in the orchard would reduce required orchard harvests to 25, having 3 drops it to 13, and so on.  If you're into mastering all your trees, then groves are an indispensable tool.
  • If you use a Double Mastery Statue on your farm for trees, the statue will double the number of mastery points you get when you harvest grove-influenced orchards. For instance, in the optimal configuration described earlier, 9 mastery points would become 18 mastery points with the statue in play. This will also reduce the number of harvests required to achieve a full 3-star mastery, as mentioned in the previous tidbit.
  • When you harvest a grove that just happens to be sitting in another grove's bonus area of influence, it does not receive any bonuses from that other grove (or groves.)  Only orchards can receive bonuses from groves.
  • Super Orchards are influenced by groves in exactly the same way as standard orchards are, and therefore can be placed and used interchangeably.
  • Like a standard orchard, a grove can hold up to 20 trees.  Some experienced tree breeders use the following strategy with their groves and orchards:  Place trees that you are trying to master in orchards.  Place mastered trees that can be sold for large amounts of currency in groves.  This allows you to possibly obtain seedlings from these valuable trees when harvesting the groves they're in. Mystic Wave trees sell for 6000 coins & 5100 jade, and Giant Silver Jingle Bell trees sell for 30,000 coins each; to name just a couple prime examples.  Grow any seedlings you get from these, share the trees with your grateful friends; and either put the additional trees you get into other groves, or sell them off.  Groves can also be used to simply store mastered trees; taking the strain off your item storage and your farm's limited item capacity.

Well, there you have you know everything there is to know about groves, so you're all set to become a virtual tree fairy!  Have fun with it; and if you liked this article, please feel free to share it with your friends.

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