Farmville Next Farm Survey Hint : Sweet Tooth Scoop

Though Farmville Celestial Pastures, the new outer space farm has not yet been released, Zynga is already teasing us with a hint at the next farm theme. This farm will likely be released 2-3 months from now, after the Celestial Pastures storyline is complete.  Please do share our post with friends to let them know.

Remember to play the game your way, enjoy the themed farms you like the best, ignore the rest.

A Survey recently published by Zynga, requests feedback in choosing the name for the next farm. Note that there is no write in option this time. Perhaps they got too many votes for Planet Dirt on the last go round…

A look at the survey choices

If you would like to cast your vote on the survey yourself click here.

If you opt to provide feedback in the survey, Zynga will give you a free unwither for your trouble.
What do you think? Does a Candyland Farm appeal to you? Do let us know.

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  1. id like a game of thrones themed farm :) ... if we could keep the farm a la the quest thats going on right now (the dragon rider one) id be a happy clam :)


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