Farmville Magic Beanstalk

Farmville Magic Beanstalk
Zynga Farmville has started the full rollout of the Magic Beanstalk to almost all players… Some of them had the chance to get them earlier in a small rollout, but now looks like all players are getting it at once, for a change… Everyone seems to be asking just one question tonight… What does this Magic Beanstalk do? Well, we got some answers, and you will need to read below to find them out…

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Farmville Magic Beanstalk Popup
So, what is this Farmville Magic Beanstalk? Well, its basically a building that grows by itself… You don’t need to add anything to it, nor do anything extra other than just harvest it every day and get coins in return… Is that all? Just harvest it everyday to get coins? Really no adding of any materials? I am sure all these questions arise in your mind at this very moment, and you are very right… There is more to it than meets the eye, and this can be more useful in the long run… The bigger the Beanstalk, the better its coin yield in the long run…
Once you get the above popup in the game to place the Magic Beans, you can either place the same on your farm, or click on any other game tools to make it go into your Giftbox, and then you can place the same on any other farm of your choice…
Farmville Magic Beanstalk on Farm
Once placed on farm, you get the below popup
Farmville Magic Beanstalk on Farm Popup
Until its ready to harvest, it only has options to Move or Sell as in the screenshot below…
Farmville Magic Beanstalk Click Options
Let’s check on some growth stage images of the Farmville Magic Beanstalk along with stage info and harvest info… The growth stages depend on how best you take care of your beanstalk, promptly every day… The progress is measured as ‘m’ which can be attributed as ‘meters’ for our understanding…
Stage Level/Meters Visual on Farm Coin per
1 0m-9m Farmville Magic Beanstalk Stage 1 200
2 10m-59m Farmville Magic Beanstalk Stage 2 400
3 60m-149m Farmville Magic Beanstalk Stage 3 1600
4 150m-299m Farmville Magic Beanstalk Stage 4 3200
5 300m-600m Farmville Magic Beanstalk Stage 5 6400
6 600m+ Farmville Magic Beanstalk Stage 6 10000
Now, with each stage that you achieve with the Beanstalk, you get some extra rewards associated with its achievement:
Reward Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6
Coins 2500 5000 10000 25000 50000
XP 250 500 1000 2000 5000
Fuel 10 Cans 10 Cans 10 Cans 10 Cans 20 Cans
Now, the fun does not end there… As you can see in the below Screenshot, on hover, the Farmville Magic Beanstalk will also show you 3 neighbors that have the biggest Magic Beanstalks on their farm, which is sort of like a mini competition to stay on the top and show that you are a daily player…
Farmville Magic Beanstalk Leaderboard
As said earlier, the Farmville Magic Beanstalk needs to be harvested every day to make it grow faster… So, what happens when you forget to harvest it? It shrinks a stage backward… You can grow it back to the earlier height if you have enough FC to spend for the same though…
Farmville Magic Beanstalk Regrow Option
Lastly, a full scale animation of the fully grown Farmville Magic Beanstalk

Well, that completes most of the info that we have to share regarding the Farmville Magic Beanstalk… If you like the info in this post, kindly share it with your Farmville friends… Happy Farming!

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  1. so how you harvest it? I planted but don't show me any way to harvest it so still a little confuse.

  2. When it's ready, you will be able to click on it to harvest it. I think it takes 24 hours before it's ready.

  3. I already have more coins than I can use...since they aren't good for anything but crops. Why not give us a way to get something more fuel?

  4. I am at 1930 high can it grow??

  5. Mine is 7280m but i think i only receive coins for it ....


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