Farmville Celestial Pastures Planet Dirt Farm First look

Farmville and Zynga will soon release the all new  Celestial Pastures Farm! The Dirt Farmer team has a first look for you at what to expect. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

First Look at the All new Farmville Celestial Pastures (But they should have called it Planet Dirt) We will be leveling up with Galaxy Points and embarking on a new adventure beyond the skies.

What do you think? Are you excited to start your adventure in outer space? Do let us know!

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  1. This one looks and sounds kinda cute. Looking forward to starting. Just won't do early access.

  2. Actually, after playing FarmVille just about since it's birth, I think I am going to call it quits. Too many problems that go unfixed and yet they still keep bringing out more and more farms. I really enjoyed "farming" - mastering crops, decorating my farm, etc..... Now it's all about one quest after another, constant begging for help, and frequent glitches, crashes, and problems. I am going to miss it, but really tired of it not being much fun any more...

  3. Too early to tell yet really, I hope it is not too"Kiddy"

  4. Really amazing! Finally I see a farm like Hollow... very fun!!

  5. We are overworked and unpaid, We farm 11 farms, Weighed down with quests where you have to depend on someone to help you. Why not make quests and parts Give One & Get One? Geez, losing neighbors everyday tired of all this. I have to go through the feeds for last 12 hours in hope of finding something I have begged for three times. I stopped doing the ask friends to vote - I have 7 incomplete vote things laying around so the new one today is getting ignored. The best part of the game now is the dairy & the yarn barn. I also see more whoa farmer, farmville has been enhanced, screen freezes, we found a problem - and neither button does anything but reload. I planted my crops 4 x just at lighthouse cove one day. So many glitches, too many farms, not enough time. It will take a 36 hour day to play this game. Most people have other things to do besides play a game for hours on end.

    1. you said it all right on friend

  6. Pay cash for it? *pah* i can wait, i don't give my money only to get more bugs than i'm willing to accept.


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