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Brax's Tribute Escapade
Brax the Zubo is trying to build and restore his Tribute and become the King in Planet Dirt with the help of Bop and Zosma the other Zubos that live on that planet… Will you help Brax and the other Zubos restore the Tribute and make Brax their king?
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Brax’s Tribute Escapade Stage 1
10th June 2013 to 13th June 2013
Roll Out the Carpet: Looks like Brax is expecting the royal treatment. Better get those materials ready!
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Reward
royal carpet Flower Petals feed_bowloffruit crystalcrowntree
Get 6 Royal Carpet Get 6 Flower Petals Get 8 Bowl Of Fruits Crystal Crown Tree

Brax’s Tribute Escapade Stage 2
13th June 2013 to 15th June 2013
Fan the Flames: We need Palm Fans to fan Brax's face.  Ask your friends to help you!
Task Reward
feed_palmfan pig_fanning
Get 5 Palm Fans Fanning Pig

Brax’s Tribute Escapade Stage 3
15th June 2013 to 16th  June 2013
The First Followers: It looks like Brax really needs followers if he wants to be king. Ask your friends if they are willing to help.
Task Reward
Get 6 Friends To help Court Jester Duck

Brax’s Tribute Escapade Stage 4
16th June 2013 to 17th June 2013
Fashionable Sash: Brax is determined to look the part. Better get some sashes if you don't want to let him down.
Task Reward
feed_sash chicken_scribe
Get 4 Sashes Scribe Chicken

Brax’s Tribute Escapade Stage 5
17th June 2013 to 18th June 2013
Frenzied Following: Brax is bent on gathering even more followers for his cause. See if your neighbors are up to the challenge!
Task Reward
Get 4 Friends To help Giant Tribute Tree

Brax’s Tribute Escapade Stage 6
18th June 2013 to 21st June 2013
Playing the Part: Brax really loved the toys, even if he wouldn't admit it openly. Plus, they fit his requirements perfectly. Ask your friends for even more!
Task 1
Task 2
Task 3
Get 6 Stuffed Subjects
Get 6 Castle Blocks
Crystal Fruit Bowl

Brax’s Tribute Escapade Stage 7
21st June 2013 to 23rd June 2013
Immortalized In Art: It seems Brax thinks art will capture his good side. Ask your friends if they're willing to send and share these portraits.
Task Reward
feed_braxpotrait gobletfountain
Get 8 Brax Portraits Goblet Fountain

Brax’s Tribute Escapade Stage 8
23rd June 2013 to 24th June 2013
Third Time's a Charm: It's Brax's third attempt at building a crew. Think you and your neighbors can fill the positions?
Task Reward
Get 5 Friends To help King Brax Statue

Brax’s Tribute Escapade Stage 9
24th June 2013 to 26th June 2013
Stepping Up: Brax will never admit it, but a little help is in order if he wants to rise above it all. Ask your friends if they can send some Step Stools!
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Reward
feed_stepstool feed_crystalstuds r4r_embellishpaints palmcanopy
Get 6 Step Stools Get 6 Crystal Studs Get 8 Embellish Paints Palm Canopy

Brax’s Tribute Escapade Stage 10
26th June 2013 to  29th June 2013
King Phase: Brax is convinced he cannot be king without these last few items. Ask your friends to send and share, and help Brax get over his 'phase'.
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Reward
feed_bedazzledboosterseat feed_crystalsceptre feed_furredmantle horse_mantle
Get 5 Bedazzled Booster Seats Get 6 Crystal Septers Get 8 Furred Mantles Mantle Horse

Brax’s Tribute Escapade Stage 11
29th June 2013 to 30th June 2013
Finishing Touches: Brax needs the finishing touches to be king. He must have a crown. Ask your friends to send and share so Brax's demands are satisfied!
Task Reward
feed_crystalcrown bigcat_tastetestertiger
Get 6 Crystal Crowns Taste Tester Tiger

Brax’s Tribute Escapade Stage 12
30th June 2013 to 1st July 2013
All Hail Brax: He's done it! Brax is just about king. To him anyway. Help gather some final followers and show your support!
Task Reward
Get 5 Friends To help Star Stead Pegacorn

That completes the Brax’s Tribute Escapade details… Hope you enjoyed Farmville Space Adventure and found it to be a memorable one…

Happy Farming!

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  1. Brax’s Tribute Escapade is froze on mine.. i only need one more imbellish paint an i clicked on it, but it wont open up, so i can ask for another paint.. go figure


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