Farmville Celestial Pastures Planet Dirt Farm Characters

Like every new farm,  Farmville Celestial Pastures will feature it’s own unique Questing Characters that will help us out during our space adventure in Farmville… So get ready to meat our Space hosts, The ZubosBop , Zosma, and Brax
Check out this post for some images we found for you of these little Alien Creatures that will make our Farmville Space Adventure Full of surprises and mystery, and do share with your friends if you find this post helpful!
First Let’s meet Bop The Zubo:

And now here is a first look at Zosma The Zubo:

                          Let’s meet the slightly more camera shy Sloog The Blob:


And finally, let’s meet Brax The Zubo:

So what do you think about these Characters? Will they fill our Farmville Space Adventure with mystery and excitement? Well, let us know by commenting on this thread and by sharing it with your friends…

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