Farmville Celestial Pastures Planet Dirt Farm Buildings With Purpose

Like every new Farm, Zynga Farmville Celestial Pastures will have it’s own designed pens, that will go with the extra-terrestrial theme… Well, no need to worry as our team has brought you a special sneak-peek into these marvelous Farmville Space designed buildings…
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Space Aviary
Space Cow Pasture
Space Horse Paddock

Space Livestock Pen

Space Pet Run
Space Wildlife

Space Zoo
Space Orchard
Space Garage
Space Craftshop
Space Gnome Garden
Drop Gem Shed (storage)

Note that these buildings will be required the usual materials you use to build the other themed buildings of the same, and most of the materials required can be found in the special delivery boxes…
As with several previous farms, once you complete your breeding pens, you will be given an animal as a reward. See prizes below:
Space Aviary
Space Alien Chicken
Space Pasture
Space Alien Cow
Space Paddock
Space Alien Horse
Space Livestock
Space Alien Pig
Space Pet Run
Space Alien Bunny
Space Wildlife
Space Alien Wolf
Space Zoo
Trolap Lyga

Well, What do you think of these Space themed buildings? Will you be playing the Celestial Pastures Farm and build them on your farms? Well, keep checking this post for more info when it becomes available…

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