Farmville Celestial Pastures Planet Dirt Farm: Beat Space Event

Farmville and Zynga are all prepared to travel to Outer Space,with the new Celestial Pastures Farm  and what’s better than a free Shipping License allowing us to move our old space items to Farmville Celestial Pastures? The Beat Celestial Pastures event will release, fairly early in the life of the farm once again, currently scheduled for 24th June, 2013.  We also have a preview of the requirements to beat the farm. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful

First, let’s have a look on the loading screen of the Beat event:

And like any older Beat Event, you will be awarded a special trophy upon completing the Challenge, as long as a Free Shipping License, and here is a Preview below:

Beat Celestial Pastures Trophy Space Shipping License
Beat Celestial Pastures  Trophy Space Shipping License

A look at the requirements to Beat Celestial Pastures



Farmville Celestial Pastures Spaceship

Expand the Spaceship to Level 7


3 pk of Turbos

Get 3 Star Mastery for each of these Celestial Pastures Crops:  

Space Dust Sugar Cane, White Dwarf Sunflower, Solar Flare Bean, Myne Melon,  Flava Corn, Thuck Wheat, Sun Fade Barley, Moon Mischief, Shard Skin Onions, Star Puff Cotton,Milky Strawberries, Ooval Tomato

4,000 Galaxy Points

Improve the Space Guardian to Level 10


2000 Galaxy Points


Upgrade the Crystal Cottage to Level 5

Instagrow Potion


All 4 of the above tasks (Crops, Crystal Cottage, Improve the Spaceship to Level 7and Improve the Space Guardian to the highest level  )

Beat Celestial Pastures Statue, and Shipping License for Celestial Pastures

Well, What do you think of the Beat Celestial Pastures event? Will Zynga be releasing it sooner into the game? Well, keep checking this post for more info and updates as and when we get them…
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  2. I just got license for Celestial. The animals are locked still. I thought we would be able to move the animals to another farm. I dont know why I worked so hard to get a statue!


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