Facebook Down Anonymous Claims Responsibility

Unable to access Facebook, currently or recently? You are not alone. Facebook was down for a period of time for most if not all users. We have learned the reason why. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

In a series of public Tweets, Anonymous has claimed responsibility for taking Facebook down to protect privacy and protest sharing of info. This would likely have been a DDOS, Designated Denial of Service attack, in which the target website’s servers are intentionally overloaded to prevent access. Anonymous is an anonymous group who uses DDOS among other methods to protest issues or call awareness to them.


Later tweets indicate that the attack has relented and that FB will return to normal but warn users to be careful how they communicate over Facebook. Wise advice, always mind your privacy on the internet. Don’t share anything you wouldn’t want made public.


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  1. Perhaps all you people thanking or supporting this gang called anonymous should ask yourself this question. Why did they shut down facebook? To fight for your rights or to show you what they are capable of as a warning of what is to come? They are no better than an organized street gang. Facebook can't share what isn't there. Want it kept private? Don't put it out there where it can be seen or viewed and it will stay private. Facebook is a social site. Don't expect privacy.

  2. I really dont give a dam what these people are doing did I ask for you help NO do I care NO all I care about is what I do on fb what I dont wont you to know I wont post only idiots will post there life story and post photos and really i dont care what others do just leave things alone I dont wont your help I dont need your help and really i dont care I just want to enjoy what i do on fb another bunch of idiots forcing there ideas on to us

  3. They sound like a bunch of terrorists. They have no right to do what they did...very inconsiderate to us people on fb. I thought something was wrong with my puter and started messing with it to try and figure out the problem... So, yea, I am pissed off to hear this crap. Bunch of show offs with nothing better to do with themselves. If only their mothers knew, ha!

  4. They wouldn't come to the streets haha..the all wimps that hide behind a computer screen why do you think there anonymous? ;)

  5. They should mind their own business, end of story. Nothing is private on the internet and they should no about that by now, if you post it -its public if you want to keep it private, don't post it!!!!

  6. Facebook needs to be taken down. Way too much time spent on silliness. It doesn't matter what you write or post, the most loving and peaceful or the most hateful vitrol. It does nothing but float around in the nether world of the internet. JUST A SERIES OF ZEROS AND BLANKS.

  7. Those who supported what anonymous did are morons! This is the same group that hacked ps32 and had it shut down nearly 2 months. They stole all our credit card information. If you support these hackers, I just hope that you will be the next one to have them gain your credit information, so the shoe can be on the other foot. Screw you, you teenaged, middle aged, pimply faced, still living in mom and dad's basement little punks. Off my soap box :)

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