NaKeD Dirt Farmer No.15: Remember when we liked each other?

I really hate to say it, but I can remember a time when we proudly exclaimed.
Farmville isn’t about the Game
It’s about the People who play the Game
So…What happened?

Did the game malfunctions, fast paced features and lack of any kind of support turn all the happy farm folk into nasty gamers?

Farmville, at one point, was a game of Players helping Players and Gurus (highly skilled players) helping new players. We were unique in the gaming world. Some games that you try to start playing as a newbie will get you utterly destroyed by the veteran players. You’ll find yourself ganged up on and attacked for not knowing the politics of the game. Farmville on the other hand was loaded with Gurus who would take the time to help you. Actually teach you how to Stable Stuff and Rotate Trees. Friends and Neighbors would go out of their way to get a new player help.
The Dirt Farmer was created on the fundamental ideals of helping players.
We’ve formed an ADD ME Group and even an ASK Group where you can interact with Dirt Farmer Admins and other skilled FV Players to find answers to questions and solutions to problems. A perfect setting to exercise the core of Farmville…by helping a less skilled farmer.
Now it seems the meaning of Farmville is complaining about the problems with the game. We do understand that and we agree venting about FV is healthy to a degree.
What I find disturbing is a new trend of taking out our frustrations on our fellow farmers. I see an honest question in one of our groups then see cliques of high level and more informed player criticizing someone for asking a “simple question”.
We don’t do that…do we?
A game founded on the pride of player helping player has now turned on it’s own…really?
Zynga has issues…the game has issues.
The Dirt Farmer constantly monitors the game to keep you informed and aware of all the game problems. We are also proactive with Zynga…attempting to maintain lines of communication with top FV Executives in order to be able to voice your concerns where it matters.
It’s a constant fight…A fight not worth winning if Farmville has turned into a Farmer Un-Friendly world.
Do you remember when Farmville was about the friends you made and helped? Not about who you could bash and make feel stupid when they don’t understand something on the Farm.
I can’t control what anyone else does…I can only try to play the game in the spirit of what kept me in the game for so long.
Farmville isn’t about the Game
It’s about the People who play the Game


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  1. Right on,, every one should take time to read this,,,

  2. Zynga has changed the game! My "friends" don't play FarmVille anymore, for the most part. Most of my "neighbors" are strangers, not friends. I have no contact, besides gift exchanges and requests, with over 90% of the people I have as neighbors. How can you be friendly with people you have no contact with? The only "help" my friends who do still play want, is for me to respond to their CONSTANT begging for crap to fill their quests, which I don't play. And there aren't enough of them to even help me do the simple stuff, like build buildings, etc. Now, I more or less only do what I can get from neighbors, and I really feel on my own. The game sure has changed in the years I've been playing it, and not for the better. But, I bet Zynga makes more money now!

  3. I agree with so many of the posts! I love the comments you made in your post--it was great to be helped by others. Now, most of friends have given up.....I can't complete many of the things I try to do--not enough help but it is still great fun when I have the time!

  4. Denise Tobin Queensland, AustMay 14, 2013 at 6:41 PM

    Well said Locke. I am starting to get fed up with the constant requests. I'm finding that I have to ask multiple times for "parts"for quests. Part of my problem is that I live in Australia and the time difference is something I can't do anything about. I always try to help others even if I don't need the parts.

  5. If you let the FOCUS be the 'tech issues of the game', the 'worthiness of the neighbors/players' or the speed with which you can 'beat the clock' - you will not like much about this game of NEIGHBORS. I post, share and send... and play on my farm. What more is there? I 'like' as often as I can, but some get away from me. Some do not 'like'. I still post, share & send. If something is gone, well ... it's gone. Complaints won't change it, I just keep playing on. If any of this creates issues for you, reconstruct your 'neighborhood'. No different than going camping; if you go, you're going to have to deal with bugs, dirt & critters. If you don't like that, there's 'fake' camping from a lodge. The choice begins with you. The rest is all just the nature of on-line computer games and the 'selling points' (crappy or otherwise) used in them. LOVE Dirt Farmer for the massive help with keeping it fun. :)

  6. What an excellent point, six. There is no way I can help all my neighbors but I do what I can. There is no way I can farm all the farms, but I get to them when I get to them. My neighbors are really wonderful. I add new neighbors from folks I see posting on my other good neighbor's postings.
    Happy Farming!

  7. Locke, your post is excellent. Several days ago I wrote something like this but deleted it out of fear. When people say they "don't get help from their neighbors" I am outraged. Take action and change what you don't like~~get new neighbors. Be pro-active & don't complain and blurt out those 4 letter words. It's "your neighborhood" so take charge. I rarely ask friends for help with Quests. I go to the feed and by helping my friends I help myself. The more you "give" the more you will "receive" however, there is an issue with FB that limits your "helping". You may get blocked if you hit "like" too many times. I try to buy goods and bushels from most of my neighbors on a daily basis. Eventually, more & more of my neighbors "turn around" and do the same with me. The expectation of Farmville to run without issues is ludicrous. When I think about the number of trees alone that FV produces my head spins. And when I think about the "entire operation" it's mind boggling. I think FV/ The Dirt Farmer/ Zynga do a fabulous job. I have recently joined the Dirt Farmer & I give you guys kudos for everything that you do. I have a suggestion for the players: It's called "Give Farmville a Brake" (intentional spelling) for one week. Rules: 1. No negatives about FV or fellow players and if a player feels like saying something negative they must turn it into a positive. When you ask what happened to the "Happy Farmville", I don't think the issues with Farmville are any different than those in any workplace culture. There is a nursing philosophy in which we refer to as "nurses eating their young". Obviously, farmers have taken on the same philosophy.

  8. We have the Farm-ville Tree Exchange, its a group of people who really help out each other, its a little old fashioned yes but we care about our neighbors and we always get what we need from each other, its our escape from our lives I guess, I play Farm ville Express, Farm ville on Puffin browser for my Iphone and my laptop, I have counters that keep track of my crops and recipes, Currently trying to beat Jade falls, tabled its such a boring farm,More interested in HH, MTL EG which I just have a few more thing to beat, it rather a chore to do just to get the shipping lisc and now I heard there will be another farm soon???? I would rather be placed in Azkaban!

  9. name is Cimron Renee, " Bonjour, I am so proud to have your site as one of mine most favorites, an this topic is one that I am proudly to say ... that I am a Farmvillian. This game was started as a means to help children an well some adults to understand patience, to count, to use their minds to figure solve..... but, many have forgotten le roots of this game........ to share. Oui they share, alot do. But of those 50 percent grumble, complain, cost to much, takes to much time, can't do this, can't do that... when all they have to do is sit back an think why is this any different then real life in a way.. There are things we justs can't have. so we work around it... or we justs go on, an let quit bug us.... an then regain le joy of le game... collect, say our thank yous of le many ways we should, an share what we are able to do. I don't say consider this a game, per say. I call it mine home away from home..... a place where many friends I now have, that I would never in any means ever have without this little world... I'm a Farmvillian, an I'm proud to be one.. (an dirt farmer, merci, of all your help, an beautiful topics an news)" I've been playing this little home away from home since 7/2/09 an plan on forever.........

  10. I have played since the beginning. Of my current friends, 110, I have only seen 6 IRL! But I count almost all of the 110 as good, dear friends who help when I need help and appreciate when I can help them. Because I have played so long and have really discovered a lot of good helpful hints and solutions, none of which involve 3rd party apps, I frequently try to aid people on the various support sites. I never condemn a player for not knowing how to do something or how to fix something or where to go for additional help. That said, I became involved in a discussion where posters spent a lot of energy bashing Zynga and Zynga support. As i tried to help the OP other players jumped in and the discussion ended up offering no help to the OP. Np one would give her a chance to do something before offering more criticism of Zynga and the game! I was banned from the ASK site even though the OP and I became friends and I solved 90% of her issues!

    It's about time you took your own comments seriously and really tried to cut down on the personal attacks, the over-zealous bashing posts from many people who no longer even play FV, but continue to complain and the general mean-spirited comments.

  11. I've been playing FV for more than 2 years now. I'm really have made some wonderful friends that always helped and I always help them. Now most of those friends have quit playing because of the game issues or too much stuff going on in the game with too many quest and not getting help from friends. For me now I only have so much time to play and I continue to have my game crash or can't even get on to my farm. When I do get on most times I have to ask/beg 2 or 3 times to get what I need for the quest. It just not much fun anymore. Sorry I'm sounding like I'm bashing Zinga, but they really do seem to be having more problem. They release stuff too soon, before they get other issues fixed.


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