How To Increase Your Bushels and Baskets Claim Rate: Tips and Tricks

We’ve covered the tips for maximizing bushel production on one’s own farm in this post. Here we will bring you some tips on other ways to acquire bushels and maximize your chances of successfully gifting or getting them. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

There  are many ways to get bushels that you do not grow yourself. The simplest  way  is to purchase them from your friends from within the cottage. You can purchase 3 bushels per friend each day. These can be purchased from either the CRAFTING COTTAGE or MARKET STALL. The TRADING POST gives crop mastery and XP . It DOES NOT give bushels.

If you have the Gilda character in your crafting cottages, you can purchase 3 from her as well and she will often offer bushels that your other friends do not.


NOTE: To maximize the number of friends that you will be able to see to buy bushels from it is important to keep your neighbor list CLEAN. Zombie neighbors who no longer play, still take up slots on your available list and prevent you from seeing newer, active friends to purchase from. The game limits how many total people you can see to buy from, to minimize loading time and you don’t want to waste those slots on non-players.

If you have removed all of your ZOMBIES that you can find, and still have a low number to purchase from, then it’s time to check for GHOSTS.

Open your STORAGE CELLAR and click on Comparison

This will show you how many total neighbors you have that you can see.

Then go to your local celebrity ribbon



If there is a discrepancy that means you have that many neighbors “stuck” that you can’t see to remove yourself. (I have 6 “stuck”)  You will need to contact Zynga support via email, chat or twitter (see how here and here ) and ask them to “Clean up your neighbor list”. You may have to try a few times as many agents do not know how.

It is very important to un-neighbor before unfriending another player. If you unfriend before un-neighboring or the person blocks the game before un-neighboring, they will remain on your neighbor list, but in many cases invisible to you so you cannot remove them without help from player support.

Asking For Bushels

To get bushels that NONE of your friends are offering is to post a feed to ASK for them. This option will be greyed out  if you have already posted for another bushel or basket within the past 6 hours, or if some of your friends were offering that bushel and you have already purchased from them.



Something important to know: If you opt to answer a friend’s bushel request or even to note on your own posts. When sending a bushel you MUST CLICK ON the “Send Farmville gift request to “button


and WAIT FOR THE URL TO CHANGE from the original url to this before closing the browser tab or going back to the feed


or the person you are sending to WILL NOT RECEIVE IT. Also if you have sent any other type of gift to the person who posted in the past 4 hours, do not attempt to send, they will just get an invalid gift and not receive it.

In most cases after posting for bushels, you will need to accept them in the ZMC or app center and then refresh your game before they will appear in your market stall.

If you still need other bushels and you have used your post, another option you have is to POST A STATUS to your neighbors asking for help . Just because they are not currently selling that bushel, does not necessarily mean that they don’t have some lying around, or they could even be willing to purchase some from their friends and lock the shares for you. You never know until you ask.

Claiming bushels from the feed

Another way to obtain bushels is to claim bushels that your neighbors and friends share to the game feed.


When you claim bushels from the game feed after clicking on the feed itself you must click “YES” to tell the game to actually give you the bushel.


As with sending bushels, you must also remain in the browser tab and not click back or out of it until you see the url change from the one above to this


If you do not wait for the url to change before exiting the tab, you will not receive the bushel.

Claiming BASKETS from the feed : Good Glitch

The claiming of baskets from the feed or other silo contents works the same as claiming bushels but with the added benefit of a rather nifty glitch for many farmers.

(Note this may not work for everyone, and resulting from tests among the Dirt Farmer team, even some of those it does work for, it only works on certain farms. For example Dirt Farmer Dennis did not get the second basket when claiming from home farm, but did on other farms. You will need to experiment with it to see if it works for you and where)

When you claim a basket or other crafting item that is stored in the SILO from the feed you actually receive TWO of that item instead of just one.

Before Claiming from one feed


After claiming from one feed


Farmer Nanci of our ASK the Dirt Farmer group shared an excellent tip there that we thank her for. She recommended finding a Basket Buddy and each time each of you claim one and get two, share one back locked to the other person. This will allow you to build up enough to craft rather quickly if repeated until both have what they need- and an extra to redo the next time.

That’s all the tips we have for you for now. Please do let us know if you find them helpful – or if you have other suggestions that we could add to help fellow farmers, by commenting our post. Happy Farming!

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  1. tried to share this and it told me it couldn't be posted to this wall...mine?!?!?!??!

    1. let me share to facebook, maybe in your settings?? clueless here :) gl

  2. Thanks so much everyone for all the useful info thanks for the site and info Dirt is most helpful site I have found. Now can I ask, (what most will probably think a very dumb ?), how do I delete old neighbors that no longer play??? been wondering this a while :) ty all <3

    1. Go to the neighbours tab at the top of the farm, current neighbours and just remove.

  3. Hi FVDF, and friends! My comment is a 2 part question 1st. Thank you for you wonderful service it is top on my list of groups, for information and coming events!, but I am sad to say that lately I have not been getting any updates so I feel as if I fell from grace..Can anyone tell me what all the new updates are and when they end( how much time is left on them to complete them , sadly I have not gotten half of them or the parts needed to do them, ie. the animals or harvesting items needed to work on them or whatever. generally the items found in the 3rd bottom row of your quest. Very much appreciated, and a million thank's too all! Happy Farming! :D <3 Hugs and Best Wishes to all! <3

  4. I want to clean up my friends list. Is there an easy way to tell if a friend is still playing, or when the last time they played was?

  5. I can't get to email support from your links. Do I have to buy farm cash for that too? So the only way I can get rid of 42 ghost neighbors is to open a twitter account? Totally wrong!!!

  6. waaah.... I have 157 vs. 249 neighbors :)))

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    2. Zynga helped and now I have 154 vs 154 (three innocent casualties of war). No ghosts any longer. Now it's Zombie Killer Spree :)
      THANK YOU, Dirt Farmer, for the awesome tip!!

  7. I had taken a few months break between Feb. 2015 and July or early August 2015. I find I have only 2 neighbors to buy items from to get more fuel for my farming. I ran out of fuel yesterday and resorted to the Old School method of harvesting by hand and planting by hand. I was lucky I had several items in my farms shops to make and they gave me some fuel. Why did they take away all of my neighbors goods that I once bought every single day????? Is there a way to get them back on my lists? I know they did this so we could get fuel more easily and now I am stuck without access to my neighbors items to buy for fuel. HELP!!!!!

  8. Trying to get fuel and I have 2 neighbors and the capacity is 200. I cannot understand where the other farmers went to with their crafts and items for sale as this was never a problem....How do I get this board back on my farms? It had all kinds of items from winery, spa, bakery, etc. How do I get this back? I do not know what happened to it and I just read on your Low Fuel post that this is one of the ways to get more fuel. Please help me out and tell me what to do or where to complain. I cannot afford to buy fuel with all of these farms and crops.


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