Farmville Social Sheep Guide

Zynga Farmville has released a new Prized Feature into the game… Like we saw before with the Prized Pigs and the Prized Unicorns (Dream Unicorns) which where released with a twist, this time Zynga Farmville will bring up the Prized Sheep AKA the Social Sheep… They will work like the Pigs, and like the Unicorns, and you can have a look on which items we will make, and some of the suggested prizes we will get upon completing a sheep…
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Note there is currently NO sell  button on the Sheep once you have a partner, no store button at any time. Make sure to place them from the beginning on the farm that you wish them to stay on.

This feature will have it’s own categories like the ones before. We can list: The Snazzy, The Shaggy, The Stunning, and The Silly Sheep.

Snazzy Baby Lamb

Shaggy Baby Lamb

Stunning Baby Lamb

Silly Baby Lamb

Snazzy Young Lamb

Shaggy Young Lamb

Stunning Young Lamb

Silly Young Lamb

Snazzy Lamb

Shaggy Lamb

Stunning Lamb

Silly Lamb

Snazzy Elegant

Shaggy Tie-dye

Stunning Amethyst

Silly Mime

Snazzy Belle

Shaggy Kid

Stunning Tourmaline

Silly Clown

Snazzy Suave

Shaggy Ribbon

Stunning Emerald

Silly Fool

Snazzy Hipster

Shaggy Shawl

Stunning Sapphire

Silly Glasses

Also like the previous prized features, Prized Sheep will have also some extra rewards associated with it upon competing each lamb to 100… You can see below some of the unconfirmed prizes connected to the feature:

Sheep Horse

Accountant Sheep

Pea Ewe

Prized Sheep Statue

Crape Myrtle
Purple Smoke Tree

Sleepy Sheep

Sheep Stage
Pomelo Tree

You will be needing to collect Flower Drinks from your friends in order to feed and grow your lambs: Flower Drinks will also be craftable in the craftshop. You will need the 3 Forbs Bushels, 3 Kudzu Bushels, and 3 Oats bushels.
Forbs Bushel
Kudzu Bushel
Oats Bushel

So what do you think about the Social Sheep? Will you wait and play this feature when released into Farmville, in a chance to collect all these colourful exotic sheep? Well, do let us know by commenting on this thread and by sharing it with your friends

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  1. I am sure it will be plagued with the same issues that the Pigs and Unicorns have, whereby if you don't feed it up to 100 you get diddly squat ( other than the animal itself) and cannot share any thing either for growing it.

    However it is cute though.

  2. Looks like a mess !!! Are these the best GMO's yet ???

  3. I get requests but they always say "expired" and I check everyday. Does anyone know how long the request are viable? Thanks


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