Farmville Disaster Relief: Oklahoma Charity

Zynga Farmville is soon going to launch a new charity drive for the recently affected people in the Oklahoma Tornado disaster. If you are looking to contribute in any way to help the people affected, here is one such chance for you to make a difference.
More details on the charity drive will be updated once it is live. For now, you can check the available info and images below:

As part of the charity event, anyone contributing to the same would be given an exclusive OK Cowboy Horse, which is a Stable friendly horse and gives the OK Cowboy Foal
There are even indications of contributors getting an Exclusive Oklahoma Charity Flag (Unconfirmed)
More details on the Charity will be updated in the same post as and when available. Till then, do remember keep the people affected by the tornado in your prayers.

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  1. If anyone wants to donate money for the people of Oklahoma, Please DO NOT do it thru Farmville. Give to the Red Cross and not the Greedy Ztard Bastards

  2. It's a shame that someone can try to take advantage of people who are truly hurting and have come through a horrible traggedy!!!!

  3. Not giving to the red cross. Do your research on them. I prefer to give to charities where the ceo don't make half a million a year. And that don't sell blood to hospitals that we give for free.

    1. I agree with you Katrina. My Mom knew someone who needed the Red Cross's help and they actually sent them a bill for the help they provided. Give through your church or another organization who does not profit from the donations.

  4. Does anyone know of a work around for this? I'm afraid if I click on it it will charge me AGAIN.


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