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Below is a chart of all of the recipes in the Farmville Craft Shop with inclusion of the most recent updates that Farmville and Zynga have released. The chart includes time frame for completion of each recipe. Note that it is now possible to craft the same item in multiple stations of the same Craft Shop. Check out the details below and do share with your Farmville friends if you find the post helpful…
If you should run across any errors, or have a suggestion for further information to be added to this post, please let us know. For a guide to interacting with the updated craftshop click here. For information on how to obtain the bushels and baskets that do not come from crops, click here. Special thanks to Dirt Farmer Rina for helping gather the info contained within…
As you look inside your Craftshop, you can see that the crafts are divided into categories: Parts, Consumables, Decos, and Specials (Limited Edition) crafts.  We have made an effort to keep the same categories organized for you below, with the exception that anything that is LE, no matter the category, can be found in the last chart at the bottom. Now onto the recipes…
Last Updated 08th April, 2015

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  1. By the time I got to the end of the list, I gave up trying to copy it by hand, I decided they can keep their craftshop and I may just stop playing altogether. There is just too darned much and I am sitting here with a legal pad trying to keep track of the quests as it is. Now I can't tell before I make anything if I am using bushels I need for the quest recipes. I give up. This is no longer fun.

  2. Don't like the fact that I don't know what bushels I'm using BEFORE I use them...but the neighbour request thing still works...just takes an extra click. The reason why it only works 'sometimes' is that your neighbour can only send you one gift in a 4 hour span. If they are one that sends the gift from the pop-up that comes up when you open the game...or send any back from the mailbox...they can't send you any more for another 4 hours.

    I rarely send out the SDB or whatever from the pop-up. I carefully choose to send back help requests first, then the unique gift requests, then return SDB. It's a pain, but it seems to be more helpful.

  3. I don't have a problem with the new craft shop -- lot's of new stuff. However, I would like to see what I items I need BEFORE running out so I can plan ahead. I hope you can pass this along to Zynga. Thank you.

    1. Zynga listened and now you can see the items before you craft. Great.

  4. i am missing some of them and some recipes are different than what you have listed but its a great start to getting organized. just wish zynga would up the number of bushels we can hold. they sure don't give us enough and haven't in a long time. wish also they would get consistent about number of bushels they give when harvesting. home farm, planted same number of each item needed for "hanging yourself gardens" and all i received was 4 bushels of one of them. next day replanted the same number and got 6 of another.
    don't enjoy the extra clicks on each item to see what i need and want to plant. would love the quicker view back.
    enjoy the new items but there are items i don't need any more would have loved it when i needed them. thank goodness the rake and pot and blower are in there - i will be making these constantly.
    thank you df for all that you do for this website and all that you share and do.... i thank you

  5. I will definitely like to make the Horses( unicorns) and the Mystery Darts since the Ferris Wheel only gives out one once a week and by which time the game has finished and the prizes have changed.

  6. Ok, On a positive note I do like the new deco items we can now craft, although I'm not sure I would bother with mastering them. My negatives are as follows:- 1) Perhaps needing crafting help from neighbours is not such a great loss, as not many of mine could or would anyway, but I will miss being able to craft 2 for the price of 1, as it were.
    2) I don't like the new layout, I want, to be able to see what bushels and how many I'll need, EASILY, and there is no way to see this info' when an item is ready for crafting, without crafting it first.
    3) Zynga have included "limited time" items and although there is a specials button, not all are listed here (at least not in my craftshop) and they should have included a "time remaining" button like they have in the market for items about to be withdrawn.
    4) Zynga have also omitted items that were needed for past quests e.g. Ice horse statue, Ice pig etc. So how are players expected to complete these quests now?
    I hope that Zynga will listen to players needs and make improvements that better our gameplay instead of redesigning everything, which I feel is unnecessary.

  7. I have started items in the new craft shop but can't see them all stations are empty. Do items go directly into gift box when time is completed? Not enough information given in explanation of craft shop when it appeared. Don't like that I can't see what bushels are missing like you used to be able to do and you can only make one at a time not like before where you could make multiples of things you needed.

  8. The new craft shop I have does not have the Wishes for Dream Unicorns. According to the list above it should but when I look or click on create a wish it is not there. Help!!!

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  10. Who would I contact about not getting my Craftshop upgrade? Still don't have it but my daughter who is 100 levels below me already got hers!

  11. After doing an analysis, I've come to the following conclusion for Avalon Wilderlands:
    Growing - Good King Henry, Fleur de Lis, & French Fingerling Potato gives the highest Yield of Medallions per Hour.
    Swapping Bushels for them is the next highest Yield!


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