Buying Crafting Cottages For Coins

Did you know that Farmville allows you to have more than one Crafting Cottage on your farm for coins? It is indeed possible, just needs to be done according to some specific rules.
Thanks to Dirt Farmer Dennis Chrome for this wonderful guide on how to do it.  For a video tutorial on how to level up your cottages quickly click here.
Check out the details below and please do share with your Farmville friends if you find the post helpful.
Buying Crafting Cottages
When buying a crafting cottage, it is important to buy them in the right order. Depending on the order you purchase them they can cost you from nothing to 80 Farm Cash or they might even be locked.

Farmville Winery Farmville Aussie Winery Farmville Pub
The Bakery, Spa and Winery can be placed on any farm after the farm specific crafting cottages for ‘0 coins’.  If you have the English Shipping License, then the English Pub can be placed on any farm after the farm specific crafting cottage for coins. It is not completely farm specific, but has a slight farm specific twist.  The cost of the English Pub will be dependent upon the order in which it is placed . If it is placed on the farm first, you will pay 1,000 coins, if placed 2nd you will pay 10,000 coins or if placed 3rd you will pay 100,000 coins.
Farmville Pub Farmville Pub Farmville Pub
Farms from Lighthouse Cove on have a Farm Specific crafting cottage that ‘MUST’ be placed first for around 100,000 coins prior to any of the above 4 buildings.  If you have try to place a farm specific crafting cottage on its farm with a cottage already placed or in the gift box then the market will show you a price of 80 Farm Cash.
The Aussie Winery and Sugar Shack can be placed on any farm for 100,000 coins providing the that there is no other crafting cottage placed on that farm or in the gift box.  The only drawback to placing it on a farm that has a farm specific cottage is that you will not be able to place that farms cottage back for coins until the Aussie Winery or Sugar Shack are  sold.

The Home Farm, English Countryside, Sunflower Meadows and Hanging Gardens have no farm specific cottages and would be the best places for an extra Aussie Winery or Sugar Shack.

After you have selected your first crafting cottage you can then place up to 2 more cottages on that farm for a total of three.  The choices are the Bakery, Winery and Spa for 0 coins or the English Pub for coins (as mentioned above) and you cannot have 2 of the same building.  Once you have 3 cottages on the farm the market will show ‘Locked’ in the market for any others.

The farm specific cottages include the Lighthouse Cove Restaurant, Winter Wonderland Sweet Shoppe, Hawaii Tiki Bar, Jade Falls Tea House, Haunted Hallow Potions Shop, Mistletoe Lane Patisserie, Enchanted Glen Fairy Kitchen, Atlantis Coral Café, Aussie Winery, Celestial Pastures Crystal Cottage, Sweet Acres Sugar Shack, Mystical Groves Alchemist Shop, Holiday Lights Sparkle Café, Fields of El Dorado Herbal Hut, Emerald Valley Porcelain Shop, Mediterranean Riviera Blue Sea Café,  Oasis Gardens Cairo Boutique, Fairy Tale Fields Fairy Forum, Horseman's Hollow Witcher Hut , Magical Toy Town Toy Food Van., Avalon Wilderlands Glass Blower, Avalon The Kingdom Potions Workshop  Wild West Ranch Village Workshop, Treasure Tides Tinker's Cabin, Savannah Safari Herbal Inn , Phantom Valley Sci Fi Lab  and Alpine Jingle Eckhart's Mill. Namaste India Indian Dhaba , Story of Sakura Zen Garden House , Caveman Club Two Stone Mill Ode To Olympus Oracles Keep , Carnaval De Los Muertos Brewing Wagon, Once Upon A Winter Snowy Toy Shop, Groovy Hills Crafting Tent, Opal’s Kingdom Crafter’s Shell, the Legend of Tengguan Taeng’s Atelier , Isle of Dreams Fairy Shack,  Straits of Ardour La Boulangerie , Samba In Rio Rio General Store , Shadow Creek  Snackmobile, The Winter Noel De Patesserie , Alba Toscana Italian Cafe ,Emberhill Adventure Druid's Galleria , Pelican Reef Surfer Shop , Pavlozny Festival Svyatki Tent ,The Frontier Trail Frontier Store  ,Old World Expedition Bazaar Stall ,  Castle Kaputstone Crypt Animator, A Winter Fable Nordic Tavern, Magic of Morocco Tent Cafe'  , An Ancient Saga Antiques Centre , Long Island Jamboree Jamboree Diner , Alaskan Summer Inuit Cabin , Coco Wonderland Sugar Boulangerie, Highland Adventures Caman Inn, Spook O Ween House of Witching and Santa's Secret Village Xmas Workshop.

The Crystal Cottage, Alchemist Shop, Sparkle Café, Herbal Hut, Porcelain Shop, Blue Sea Café,  Cairo Boutique, Fairy Forum, Witcher Hut,  Toy Food Van, Glass Blower, Potions Workshop and Village Workshop, Tinker's Cabin,Herbal Inn,  Sci Fi Lab, Eckhart's Mill, Indian Dhaba Zen Garden House, Two Stone Mill, Oracles Keep, Brewing Wagon, Snowy Toy Shop, Crafting Tent, Crafter’s Shell, Taeng’s Atelier, Fairy Shack, La Boulangerie,  Rio General Store, Snackmobile, De Patesserie, Italian Cafe, Druid's Galleria, Surfer Shop,  Svyatki Tent, Frontier Store, Bazaar Stall,  Crypt Animator, Nordic Tavern, Tent Cafe', Antiques Centre, Jamboree Diner, Inuit Cabin, Sugar Boulangerie, Caman Inn, House of Witching and Xmas Workshop are locked to their specific farms, so you can only do this trick by buying them back on the farm they go on.

If you must sell a crafting cottage to place the Farm specific cottage back the only thing you will lose are the items currently being made.  The level of the Cottage and the Goods for Sale will be the same when you buy the cottage back.

Final Note: We hope that this guide will help you plan your crafting needs better and get the best of what the game has to offer to you. Do share your views in the comments below on the usefulness of this quick guide.

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  4. Tried this trick today on Oasis farm, now that boutique has been removed the ONLY OPTION in market is to PAY 80FV CASH for one. What gives?

    1. Nevermind, I found a way around it.... it was because I had a spa and winery there as well, and once I removed them the boutique was listed for coins. Thanks for the trick!


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