Farmville Recommendations

Howdy Farmers! It seems Zynga will be soon releasing Market Recommendations into the game… This feature consist on making Zynga choose and give you some suggestions of what you might like to buy from the market! They will be giving you personalized recommendations in your market based on purchasing history… Do check this post for more info and do share it with your friends if you find the info contained herein helpful!

Unreleased Loading Screen:
Pop-up you will receive once the feature is live:

What do you think about this new feature? Do you think it will improve your gaming experience for the better? Well, do let us know by commenting on this thread and by sharing it with your friends!

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  1. Let me tell you what, Zynga. I am not going to buy anything that has farmcash. K? K.

  2. Well, unless they give me FV cash, too, not much of a change.

  3. The more Zynga shoves their junk in my face, the less likely I am to buy, the only thing this does is show me how greedy they are, it's not like we don't know where to go IF we want to fill their pockets, they need to have a jar of Vaseline in the market for us to buy as much as they give their players a $crewing everyday with all the problems we have to endure.


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