Farmville Earth Day Countdown

With the Baby Animal Day Countdown coming to an end, Zynga Farmville is all set to go green with a brand new countdown, the Earth Day Countdown… All you have to do is ask your friends for a daily collectible, that allow you to win one of the prizes set for the event…
The Countdown starts on the 16th of April, 2013
Do Check this post for more info, and share with your friends if you find it helpful!
Here is a List of the items you might collect, In Order, to complete the Earth Day countdown:
Disclaimer : Zynga has step 12 coded as an instagrow stamp, but featuring an image of an unwither. We will update the post when we find out what the actual prize will be.
feed_earthdaytortoise feed_sealwithglobe feed_zebrawithearthprint feed_globetree feed_grasscoveredhut feed_turbogame
feed_recycledcardboardtree feed_recycledcantree feed_recycledbottletree feed_earthdaysheep feed_earthpatternhorse feed_instagrow

And Below is a list of the UN-Confirmed Prizes:
turtle_earthtortoiseday seal_withglobe zebra_withearthprint globetree grasscoveredhut turbo_charger_50pack
Earth Day Tortoise Seal With Globe Earth Print Zebra Globe Tree Grass Covered Hut Turbo Charger
recycledcantree recycledbottletree sheep_earthday horse_earthpattern
Recycled Cardboard Tree Recycled Can Tree Recycled Bottle Tree Earth Day Sheep Earth Pattern Horse Instagrow Potion
Recycling Elephant Solar Bear Globe Hat Pug Recycled Art Wall
And here is the UN-Confirmed Prize for Completing the Countdown, the Earth Hero Unicorn:
Just like we had in the previous Countdowns, we seem to have been offered the chance do the whole countdown a second time so that we can get more of the same prizes including the Earth Hero Unicorn...
Are you excited about the soon to come Earth Day Countdown? Well, keep following us for more info on this as and when we get them…

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  1. Pity there is no foal for the Zebra, it would of been cute and Zebras are basically stripy horses and do have very cute foals too.

  2. Replies
    1. It stands for Limited Edition, these are crops that have a clock beside them that give how long they will be on sale the Market and most of them give a Lighthouse Cove style awning on the stall.


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