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It seems Zynga will soon be releasing a new and unique feature, the Dream Unicorns. This feature will be similar in nature to the Prize Pigs, in that you will be working with a partner to grow your babies into one of four adults. Check below to see images of what we have found, and remember to share the post with your friends if you find it helpful. . .

Note: there is currently a bug in this feature. If you feed a unicorn to 50 to determine what the adult would be then send a request, your friend will not be able to place it and help you, they will get whoa farmer every time they try.They also will not get the adult unicorn and bonus prizes if you complete it yourself. If you place the unicorn and your friend accepts your request and places theirs before the first transformation (10 wishes) you will both be able to feed it and share in the prizes.
Updated 20th June, 2013 with an additional style of unicorn, the Wonderland Unicorn, added to this feature today.

First, a look at the initial pop up for the feature:
Next, a look at the loading screen:

It seems as if this new feature will have some similar elements to Prized Pigs. We will have a 7 Days to add 100 Unicorn Wishes to a baby unicorn in order to grow unique new unicorns. As with the Prized Pigs each of the four categories of baby unicorn can grow into one of four different adult unicorns. Here are some tutorial images to shed some light:
A look at the weigh in screen:
And a look at the screen telling you how long you have left:
We will have a building to check our progress in, the Unicorn Cloud: As with the Prized Pigs you will NOT be able to use the Unicorn Wishes from your gift box, only by clicking on your baby unicorn or from within the Unicorn Cloud.
And we will be adding Unicorn Wishes to our Prized Unicorn babies to grow them:
The Unicorn Wishes will need to be crafted in the Craftshop and to make each Unicorn Wish you will need 3 Shooting Stars Bushels, 3 Lucky Marshmallows Bushels, and 3 Dandelion Bushels. Each recipe grants 1 Unicorn Wish and takes 6 hours to complete. You can also obtain a few unicorn wishes every several hours by posting and can get some by clicking wishes friends share on the feed.

Shooting Stars
Lucky Marshmallow
Finally, we bring a look at Unicorns involved in this feature and what they can grow up to be: The Gemstone Unicorn unlocks after you completely raise 8 other unicorns to adults
Storybook Unicorns
Gemstone Unicorns
Villain  Unicorns
Oz  Unicorns
Wonderland Unicorns
Cost : 25,000 Coins
Gemstone Unicorn Baby
Cost : 100,000 Coins
Villain Unicorn
Cost : 5 FC
Oz Unicorn
Cost : 10 FC

Wonderland Unicorn
Cost : 7 FC
Cinderella Unicorn
Emerald Star Unicorn
Evil Fairy Unicorn
Cowardly Lion Unicorn
Alice  Unicorn
Goldilocks Unicorn
Rose Crystal Unicorn
Queen Stepmother Unicorn
Dorothy Unicorn
Jack Unicorn
Ruby Blaze Unicorn
Wicked Witch Unicorn
Strawman Unicorn
March Hare
Red Riding Hood Unicorn
Sapphire Sparkle Unicorn
Grandma Wolf Unicorn
Tinman Unicorn
Cheshire Cat  Unicorn

Each of the babies will grow up randomly into one of the adults pictured. You do not get a choice. It is possible to get many duplicates ,even on the farm cash babies before completing a set of one type.

Unlike the Prized Pigs, all of the animals from the Dream Unicorn feature can be mastered. In another unique twist, all of the Unicorns that you can raise make their own unique foals in the stable or paddock. Like the prized pigs however, none of the Dream Unicorns can be stored or sold. Make sure you place them on the farm you want them on permanently.
Cinderella Unicorn Foal
Emerald Star Unicorn Foal
Evil Fairy Unicorn Foal
Cowardly Lion Unicorn Foal
Unicorn Foal
Goldilocks Unicorn Foal
Rose Crystal Unicorn Foal
Queen Stepmother Unicorn Foal
Dorothy Unicorn Foal
Unicorn Foal
Jack Unicorn Foal
Ruby Blaze Unicorn Foal
Wicked Witch Foal
Strawman Unicorn Foal
March Hare  Unicorn Foal
Red Riding Hood Unicorn Foal
Sapphire Sparkle Unicorn Foal
Grandma Wolf Unicorn Foal
Tinman Unicorn Foal
Cheshire Cat Unicorn Foal

Another similarity between the Dream Unicorn and Prized Pig features is the fact that you will receive a bonus prize upon completing the successful raising of a baby unicorn. Here is a look at some of the prizes the feature will offer. (The Green Fairy Mini Horse & Gothic Unicorn are  the actual prizes, the foals they make are just pictured for your information) All of the trees have giant level twos.
Storybook Unicorn  Villain Unicorn Oz Unicorn Qilin
Green Fairy Mini Horse Green Fairy Mini Foal Rainbow Fir Tree Blue Mystic Cloud Tree
Green Man Tree Satyr Gnome
Gothic Unicorn
Gothic Unicorn Foal

When you and your partner have completely raised a Unicorn with 100 wishes, the next time you look into your unicorn cloud or hover above the animal you will be prompted to score it. Click on score and you will receive a pop-up like the following one letting you know which bonus prizes you will receive in your gift box in addition to the Adult Unicorn on the farm. You will also be prompted to share free wishes with your friends.

That’s all the info we have for now, check back later as we will be updating as we find out more. Remember to share the post with your friends if you find it helpful.

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  1. Well the pig thing didn't work very well, one minute it would give you prizes then nothing, I have the feeling that this will be the same.

  2. Now I find out about this!!! I have helped raise 2 of these so far and only got a stupid gnome.I think Zynga should give ALL of use who have done so what we rightfully deserve!!! I want my Goldilocks and my Cinderella Dream Unicorn!!! Do they(Zynga) even realize how long it takes just to get 50 wishes for some of us,let alone 100 of them!!! They should at least lower the amount of wishes you have to get,not to mention the fact that not everyone has friends who plays farmville anymore or that even post wishes for you to get them.And FYI Zynga,I never got a "whoa farmer" message.I had the score message pop up under my unicorn today and all it did was show me that stupid rainbow and how many wishes were granted...

    1. I like the fact we can craft wishes though. I think I am gonna craft a bunch before I even begin to see how that works out.

  3. It was working fine for me until today...someone sent me one of the *evil* foals, somehow it was stuck and I accidentally 'placed' 2 more, grew one up to teen level, then today was able to help finish it, clicked 'score' all three foals turned into adult form, then I got the "oops found an error", which auto refreshed and they are all back to foal form and no horses at all! Beware the ones you buy with FC! I was able to raise several of the first two (coin) kinds with the help of only one friend in under the time allowed. We got 3 diff storybook, but all the gem kind were emerald.

    1. Thank You for the info. I hope I don't end up with that freezing or oops thing as that is what it did a lot on the pigs & I got nothing out of it. I might try doing the pigs again soon if I can make the stuff for them in the craft-shop too (haven't paid attention). That is my plan with these, I am going to try crafting a bunch of wishes first to see how it works out.

  4. It would be nice to know how fast we have to get the wishes in order to get the prizes. I have done some pretty quickly and still don't have the best prizes for that particular unicorn. It can take at least a day or two to get one done because not everybody is that enthralled with the wish granting.

  5. I have found when the unicorn is completed quickly I always get the same prizes: Gothic Unicorn, tree, and an unwither...I like the second prize better, 3 pack of turbos, unwither, and a quilin (I can't remember the time frame, never took notice until now). A time chart would be nice so we can get all of the prizes and not have to guess.

  6. yes a time chart for which prizes are for which time frame would be so helpful... i need the adult forms of the original foals and have no idea how long that will be :(


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