Farmville Bird Migration Pond

It seems that Farmville may soon be going to the birds . . . .we have found a number of images for  bird items, that relate to the  upcoming  Bird Migration feature. Not much is known about the feature at this time, but we do have a few hints. Check below to see what we have found, and remember to share this post with your friends if you find it helpful. . .

First a look at the loading screen. It offers a hint that the feature will be based in a Bird Migration Pond and that you help the birds by harvesting your orchards…
A look inside the  feature, which hints that the birds will be similar to the Gopher Garden , but with birds involving trees instead of crops…
A look at the popup you will receive to place the feature

Finally a look at the possible prizes involved….

Raven Tree

Giant Raven Tree

Swan Tree

Giant Swan Tree

Pelican Tree

Giant Pelican Tree

Vulture Tree

Giant Vulture Tree

Turkey Tree

Giant Turkey Tree

Dodo Tree

Giant Dodo Tree

Owls Tree

Giant Owls Tree

Eagle Tree

Giant Eagle Tree

Goose Tree

Giant Goose Tree

Hawk Tree

Giant Hawk Tree

Falcon Tree

Giant Falcon Tree

Flamingo Tree

Giant Flamingo Tree

Woodpecker Tree

Giant Woodpecker Tree

Parrot Tree

Giant Parrot Tree
Giant Duck Tree

Aviator Pelican

Nerd Pelican

Safari Pelican

Sailor Pelican

Tourist Pelican

Aviator Flamingo

Nerd Flamingo

Safari Flamingo

Tourist Flamingo

Aviator Goose

Nerd Goose

Safari Goose

Sailor Goose

Tourist Goose

That’s all the info we have for now, we’ll be sure to update you as soon as more becomes available. Remember to share the post with your friends if you find it helpful.

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  2. PPlease post a follow-up about this feature. Is there any real connection between the trees & the birds? So far I don't see any - it's just like the gophers.

  3. birds because I do not appear in my farm?

  4. Hopefully, this wont be a double post.
    The birds never show up on my coin-maxed farms but they do for my kids' smaller farms.
    I've even kept a closer eye on the Sunflower farm because it's not junked up. but nope. No birds.


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