Farmville Orchard Harvester

Zynga Farmville looks to be making things simpler for the tree breeder, finally… After a long wait, now have a vehicle to speed up our orchard harvesting, and master our trees without much trouble…
Excited? Well, here are some details about the  Orchard Harvester… Do share this post with your tree loving friends…

A look at the loading screen for the Orchard Harvester. The Orchard Harvester is priced at 100 Farm Cash

Some tutorial images for the Orchard Harvester

A look at the tutorial images, and some other images indicate that just like the regular vehicles for the crops, we will be able to harvest the orchards in bulk, but in specific patterns… There are 3 basic patterns with 2 variations in each, to adjust as per the dimensions of the farm and the orchard arrangement.
Pattern 1 – Single Row Arrangement (20x1 or 1x20)
In this harvesting arrangement, the Orchard Harvester will harvest the orchards that fall in one single line, i.e. up to 20 orchards in a straight line… The below pictures depict the same in a better manner…
Pattern 2 – Double Row Arrangement (2x10 or 10x2)
In this pattern, you will be able to harvest upto 20 orchards that are arranged in 2 adjacent lines of orchards (like in the below pictures)… When used, the vehicle will harvest a max of 10 per line, for 2 adjacent lines…
Pattern 3 – Rectangle Arrangement (4x5 or 5x4)
In this pattern, the Orchard Harvester will harvest the orchards in a rectangle arrangement of 5x4, or 4x5 as per the depicted pictures below…
Note: Whatever the pattern you choose, you will need to ensure that you have your orchards in the same arrangement, for best harvesting results.
Note: Orchard Harvesters and Animal Pen Harvesters require fuel to function. Their energy cost is 3 as opposed to 1 for other vehicles, which means they will consume 3 units of fuel for every individual building harvested (not per click, per building)
Some of you might be worried since harvesting so many orchard might make you loose on the benefits like water, seedlings, and also the numerous watering cans that you can share with manual harvesting… Well, while all these questions can’t be answered currently, having a look at the tutorial images, looks like while we will get all the benefits at our end, we will be limited to sharing the benefits with friends… Also, telling what seedling will become what tree will become more difficult than earlier…
Well, that’s all we have for now… More details, and a possible guide or video will be available at a later date…

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  1. Any idea how much this is going to cost or what we will have to do/ collect to enable us to get it?

  2. Hmm, I have all my orchards interspersed with groves to maximize my tree mastery with each harvest. I wonder if this new function will work with such a checkerboard pattern, and whether this new function will work on groves as well. Hope so!

  3. ill wait till the farmworker building becomes available .. or just buy a farmworker for 3 farmcash and harvest all my building in one click specialy on my orchard and animal farms ...

  4. i need this badly i have a ton of orchards that need to be harvested everyday hopefully it don't cost much??

  5. I really wonder if the Orchard Harvester is going to work as per design without any bugs or glitches when it's released! Surely not going to pay farm cash to try out either.

  6. Its a good idea, but I bet its a Farm Cash only vehicle.

  7. Can we store the harvester and use it on other farms?

  8. the orchard harvester well the one i got was 40 farmcash


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