Farmville Next Farm Survey Hint : Planet Dirt Awaits!!!

Farmville and Zynga have released a new survey that hints at farm lucky 13 FINALLY the SPACE FARM.

Vote for Planet Dirt!

A look at the choices for the survey itself. Which do you like? Farmville Planet Dirt gets our vote

Now for  a sneak preview of some images our team has found for you of some animals and items that will be for the new farm. To check out the all new trees click here. For a sneak peek at the new farm treasures click here.

Space Alien Cow Space Alien Calf Space Alien Horse
Space Alien Foal Long Neck Giraffe Space Mouse
Starred Fox Meteorite Shards Crop Giant Space Cloud Tree
Space Pine Tree Starlight Fiber Tree Fragmented Moon Tree
Sun Striped Beaver Space Alien Pig Space Alien Bunny
Space Alien Wolf Space Alien Chicken Space Alien Egg
Space Formation Alien Avatar Costume Space Passage Tree
Space Rock Tree Alien Pig Balloon Asteroid
Hover Hooves Horse Itzahari Chinchilla Long Neck Giraffe
Gelocti Curled Horn Pegasus Helium Sheep
White Sparkle Ferret Wuzy Fuzy Chipmunk Twinkle Dragon

What do you think? Are you looking forward to farming in SPACE!. I can’t wait. Let us know your views.

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  1. please NO MORE NEW FARMS, fix the issues wuth all the farms we already have. Yall are making a fun game so overwhelming, a lot of us older people just cant keep up, and we really enjoy playing Farmville.

    1. and so say many other players

  2. YES!! That is the ULTIMATE Farm :) I liked the Space-Science-Fiction themed items all along and, as a SF-FAN, I am looking forward to it! I hope that the animals, buildings,trees and crops are NOT JUST ANOTHER VARIETY OF WHAT WE HAD ALREADY like all those BORING HORSE-VARIETIES...Hopefully, this time they will go beyond all borders, as that is what SF is about...already Atlantis and Enchanted Glen were I want to be UTTERLY SURPRISED!

  3. Love it...Australian farm seems BORING!!! Sorry but it's stuff is gak...won't be paying to go early for sure

  4. ABOUT TIME! :D but i really expected better animals :(

  5. I wish this one was scheduled earlier.A lot of farms aren't very innovating.

  6. lol@Alien Avatar Costume. Doesn't red dress mean we die in between and don't live at the end.. :P

  7. Personally, I don't have 24/7 to park on here farming. We should be able to delete farms we NO longer want or play on.

  8. Those animals look a bit babyish! Sort out the farms we've got, not add more to milk us!

  9. Love the animals in this one it looks interesting however plz make sure u sort old issues before u start this one. Other than that am excited to get going and discover this one :)

  10. They should mot make new farms where u have to do quest to beat them make it like the wimter wonderland and the cove takes the fun of of if trying to keep up..

  11. I DON'T mind new farms at all, different themes are a nice change up; what I CAN'T stand is that since ATLANTIS, then AUSTRALIA - what the HELL is with the crafting build out? it's like seriously impossible for some of us with lives to build out 50 levels of a ridiculous structure solely based on crafting.
    And i get it, we don't *have* to craft, but if the layout is there and it's nice, some of us would like to without spending months crafting...


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