Farmville: Beat Australia Requirements

Well, Zynga is well prepared for Australia, and has already made the requirements to Beat Australia and unlock the shipping license. Check below to see what we have found regarding this, and remember to share the post with your friends if you find it helpful . . .
A look at the loading screen:
And the requirements:
Task Reward

Build your Australian Vineyard to Level 7

3 Pack of Turbo Chargers
Get 3 Star mastery for each of these Australian Crops:
Canola, Field Peas, Sweet Corn, Muntires Semillon Grape, Shiraz Grape, Lillipilli, Kutjera Tomato, Fava Beans, Australian Sugar Cane, Yellow Myrtle Flower, Kangaroo Paws

4,000 Aussie Points
Build your Daydream Island to Level 9

2,000 Aussie Points

Upgrade the Aussie Winery to Level 5

Insta Grow Potion
All of the above tasks (Build Winery, Master Crops, Build Daydream Island, and Upgrade Aussie Winery)
Beat Australia Trophy and Australian Shipping License

So what do you think? Will it be easy to Beat Australia? Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest news and info regarding Farmville and Australia, and remember to share the post with friends if you find it helpful.

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  1. It seems like they already have the crops in the market--I've already started growing them on other farms-- at least the crops will be out of the way hopefully by the time this new farm opens


  2. Zynga man, how much farms are they gonna release? By the way, if anyone wants free farm cash, go to Just like Zynga’s sponsored ads, you watch videos and complete offers for the farm cash. Though It is way quicker than zynga and you can earn more. I already have earned over 200 facebook credits from that site.


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