Farmville Australia Trees

With the arrival of a new farm, we can look forward to a whole new set of trees. Check below to see the images we have found for these all new trees, and remember to share the post with your friends if you find it helpful. . .

Australian Grass Tree

Giant Australian Grass Tree

Belladonna Tree

Giant Belladonna Tree

Black Wattle Tree

Giant Black Wattle Tree

Bunya Pine Tree

Giant Bunya Pine Tree

Bracelet Honey Myrtle Tree

Giant Bracelet Honey Myrtle Tree

Carins Tree

Giant Carins Tree

Davidson Plum Tree

Giant Davidson Plum Tree

Didgeridoo Tree

Giant Didgeridoo Tree

Golden Koala Tree

Giant Golden Koala Tree

Kakadu Plum Tree

Giant Kakadu Plum Tree

Lemon Aspen Tree


Giant Lemon Aspen Tree

Mama Koala Tree

Giant Mama Koala Tree

Orange Australian Flame Tree

Giant Orange Australian Flame Tree

Outback Tree

Giant Outback Tree

Queensland Bottle Tree

Giant Queensland Bottle Tree

River Red Gum Tree

Giant River Red Gum Tree

Roo Tree

Giant Roo Tree

Steel Wood Tree

Giant Steel Wood Tree

Safari Hat Tree

Giant Safari Hat Tree

Vege Spread Sandwich Tree

Giant Vege Spread Sandwich Tree

Wattle Tree

Giant Wattle Tree

Western Australian Christmas Tree

Giant Western Australian Christmas Tree

White Weeping Lilly Pilly Tree

Giant White Weeping Lilly Pilly Tree

Wild Desert Lime Tree

Giant Wild Desert Lime Tree

Wine Bottle Tree

Giant Wine Bottle Tree

Wine Cork Tree

Giant Wine Cork Tree

Wine Grape Tree

Giant Wine Grape Tree

Yellow Weeping Lilly Pilly Tree

Giant Yellow Weeping Lilly Pilly Tree

Purple Gum Tree

Giant Purple Gum Tree

Tasmanian Oak Tree

Giant Tasmanian Oak

Reef Tree

Giant Reef Tree

Exploding Eucalyptus Tree

Giant Exploding Eucalyptus Tree

Dream Time Tree

Giant Dream Time Tree

Hala Tree

Giant Hala Tree
Green Weeping Lilly Pilly Tree
Giant Green Weeping Lilly Pilly Tree

Pencil Cedar Tree

Giant Pencil Cedar

Hot Sauce Tree

Giant Hot Sauce Tree

Hidden Garden Tree

Giant Hidden Garden Tree

Diamond Tree II

Giant Diamond Tree II

Rat House Tree

Giant Rat House Tree

Secret Key Tree

Giant Secret Key Tree

Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest info about the new Australian farm, and remember to share this post if you find it helpful.

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