Farmville Australia First Look

Are you excited about the all new Farmville Australia Farm? Looking forward to cute Koalas and a new farm to decorate and master? Well the wait is almost over, the new farm will be here very soon. We have found a sneak peek at the animation you will see when you first travel to the new farm. Check out the preview below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful
A look at the movie to let you know what to expect with the new farm.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to exploring Australia down under while down on the farm? Do let us know by commenting our post. Happy Farming.

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  1. since I haven't been able to earn FC for over a month thanks to no ads, this will be the first farm I haven't ben able to get in on from the beginning. Looking forward to it, yes, but it's kind of less exciting. They need to give us a breather on all the new farms and stuff anyway.

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  3. be nice if we could make our farms look like that but with all the quest need plots to meet dead lines on quest-fv cash to expand-wish they would go back to all coin expantions

    1. Yes this looks great and a lot nicer looking. I wish I could go in first thing but when on SS income unable to buy any Farm Cash. Help us on fixed income to be able to get things with coins........... I guess I will have to wait till 29th, but will not be able to buy anything unless with coins......Hurry and bring on Australia.... Love that Country......


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