Farmville Australia Early Access

Farmville Australia, like previous new farms will have a paid Early Access period before becoming available free to all farmers. As before, this will come with an exclusive gift and quest rewards that only those who go early will be able to earn. Check out the details below and please do share with friends.
The Dirt Farmer team has CONFIRMED that Early Access to Farmville Australia will run from 22nd April, 2013 to 29th April, 2013. The cost of early access will be 45 FC. Here is a preview of the pop up that you will receive inviting you to purchase early access.

A look at the loading screen

As with prior farms, there will be an exclusive gift for purchasing early access to Australia. This time the gift will be the Tasmanian Devil, and a free Orchard Harvester… Sounds a good deal to me. Here is a look at the prizes:
Orchard Harvester

It seems Zynga will also be doing something a little differently, and offering several items in the market exclusively for coins during Early Access week, which will only be available for farmcash when General Access arrives:

Boran Cow Australian Draught Horse Wine Bottle Tree

Like Atlantis before it, Early Access to Farmville Australia will come with two special crops available only to those who purchase early access.  This time the crops will be the Finger Lime Plant and the Wombat Berry.

Finger Lime Plant
Wombat Berry

In addition, we’ve discovered two more crops which will only be in the market for the week of early access:

Australian Flag Roo Xing Sign

Though it never appeared for many for the Atlantis farm, Zynga and Farmville may once again be offering the opportunity to gift early access to Australia to a neighbor for Farm Cash. Perhaps we will all get the opportunity to send someone a special gift if we choose this go round. Here is a sneak peek at the paid early access gifting.

A look at the invitation to purchase a gift

Finally a look at the Early Access Gifting Screen that you will see if you are lucky enough to receive the gift of early access.

What do you think? Will you be going to Australia early or surprising a friend with a gift? Do let us know by commenting our post. Happy Farming.

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  1. Will try to buy..But I think Zynga should let us purchase the new farm with Farmville coins!


  3. EchsinLetzebuergerinApril 19, 2013 at 12:46 PM

    ;((((((((((( what will i do with 1 FC ;(((((( nothing
    why we can not pay with coins
    wait and try to do this farm when is for all people, but its now a full time job here in FV
    to lot to do, and farms work slow, not correct,and emails answer during to long to receive the help

  4. Certainly NOT!!! So are the trees look UGLY...and the animals not much better...or any better...this will be the 1st farm I haven't paid early access to go to...but it's boring and ugly...and if there are things that are attractive they OUGHT to publicizing them...and we already have that baby's breath tree??? so you know what's the point of going to a farm at all that's got no ATTRACTIONS!! LOL...sorry...I may not even do that farm.

  5. Boran Cow and Wine Tree ..... Are FC .... Said they would be available for coins for Early aAccess


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