Farmville Australia Decorations

Like Every other new Farm, Farmville Australia will have it’s own unique and special decorations. We have a preview for you of what to expect. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

Aussie Cabana Burk and Wills Gnome Aussie Rock Arch Aussie Waterfall
Farmer Bollard Outback Spa Aussie Outhouse Australian Hard Wood
Australian Hard Wood 2 Beware of Drop Bears Sign Bike Riding Koala Cassowary In the Vines
Crocodile Pond Digideroo Arch Digideroo Fence Dingo Doghouse
Australian Sailor Gnome Bunyip Gnome Digideroo Gnome Outback Gnome
Wildlife Ranger Gnome Grape Stomping Koala Hanging Garden Chairs Koala Archway
Koala Crossing Sign Mining Cart Outback Bridge Outback Floor
Outback Floor 2 Outback Fountain Outback Lamp Post Outback Moat 1
Outback Moat 2 Outback Moat 3 Outback Moat 4 Outback Moat 5
Outback Moat 6 Outback Rock Formation Outback Rock Formation 2 Roo Wine Barrel
Shrimp On the Barbie Sunbathing Iguana Sunburst Fountain Swallowtail Flowerbox
Tasmanian Sphinx Tasmanian Waterfall  Vineyard Fence Vintner’s Arch
Wedge Tailed Eagle White Cockatoo Wine Barrel Australian Lighthouse
Dreamtime Glyph Outback Gnomette Bunyip Cave Cooper’s Tree House
Outback Horse Statue Watchtower
Aussie Geyser
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