Farmville Australia Daydream Island Buildable

Farmville Australia will come with it’s own multi-stage Daydream Island Buildable. We have a preview for you of the looks and stages of the building. Enjoy the sneak peek and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.
First a high resolution image of the completed Daydream Island:

Now a look at the stages of the building:

Some tutorial images from the building:
Some possible parts that you will use to build the Daydream Island:

Part White Sand Volcanic Rock Blue Sea Water
1 Arrival
2 3 3 3
3 6 4 6
4 12 8 12
5 16 12 16
6 20 12 20
7 25 14 25
8 30 18 30
9 40 20 40
10 50 22 50
113 202

Total parts required 517

What do you think? Are you looking forward to building the Daydream Island on your new Australian Farm? Do let us know.

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  1. Realy like to know if the ever stop with all the farms ? Not going buy this time tired of it

    1. All the builds have got me were I don't want to buy anything either. Just too much.

  2. I haven't finished the last one... I think they said 12 farms so hope this is the last one but who knows what they will do next???

    1. The Space Farm, besides they never stop, not until all players are bankrupt lol

  3. not eager for another farm, but I do like the music!!!

  4. constantly developing all these farms is getting to feel more like work than a game to have fun with. They are burning me out with their hurry up; then wait attitude.

  5. they are treating these new farms like quests - i'm getting burnt out

  6. what is the purpose of it? ? just bushels? or more? if nothing more than bushels, forget it. i'm stopping now.


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