Farmville Australia Complete Guide

With Farmville releasing the all new Australia Farm soon, we have a quick guide for you to find links to all posts under a single post. Please do share the post with friends

First Look

Early Access

Farm Music

Aussie Cruise Escapade

Treasures & Materials by Expansion Size

Beat Australia

Neighbor Gifting 

Crafting in the Aussie Winery 

Chapter 1 Quest Guide 

Chapter 2 Quest Guide 

Chapter 3 Quest Guide 

Chapter 4 Quest Guide 

Chapter 5 Quest Guide

Chapter 6 Quest Guide

Crops with Mastery Numbers 

Beat Australia Requirements


Aussie Points


Breeding Pens & Storage Buildings

Crafting Winery



Daydream Island Buildable


Early Access Gifting

Mine Treasure Prizes

Shipping License

Starter Packs



Unwither Rings


Australian Vineyard Buildable

This post will be updated with additional links as and how we create posts as more information on the new farm becomes available. Check back often for more news. Happy Farming!

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  1. it should be available for everyone early access should be stopped iys unfair to those who are gonna be behind and not get the help frm people who are ahead

  2. well here it is april 22nd and no Australia yet what are they waitin for

  3. I play every day add me if you wish just let me know its for farmville

  4. They need to make a lot more fuel available. There is no way we can ever collect or make enough. I bet those bright bulbs over there who keep bringing out new farms even thought of the fuel aspect. I have always had over 6,000 in fuel but with all these new farms it's going down really fast. I'm down to 2,300. It takes the same amount of fuel to plant a 2 hr crop as it does for a 3 day one. When my fuel reaches zero, I will have to quit playing. No way am I going to plow, plant and harvest all those plots on all those farms one by one. It takes ages to do all the farms now. And now yet another farm. What's with that purple one that has been hanging on the left side of our Home farm for ages now? Why have they not brought that one out yet? They sure are a strange bunch.

    1. I think we should be able to have more gas pumps on each farm it does help but not with only 1 pump ineed a gas station on each farm lol

  5. Why is it that this is a page for FV yet there is no signin with FB????


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