Farmville Australia Animals

As with every new farm, Australia will come with its own set of unique animals. Check below to see images of these upcoming new animals from Down Under, and remember to share with your friends if you find the post helpful. . .



Bradford Bull

Bradford Calf

Bacchus Pig

Australian Game Chicken

Australian Game Mystery Egg

Gang Gang Cockatoo

Adaptaur Cow

Adaptaur Calf

Safari Cow

Safari Calf

Australian Friesian Sahiwal Cow

Australian Friesian Sahiwal Calf

Boran Cow

Boran Calf

Drought Master Heifer Cow

Drought Master Heifer Calf

Greyman Cow

Greyman Calf

Illawarra Cow

Illawarra Calf

Crocodile Dundee

Estuarine Crocodile

Australian Fallow Deer

Black Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Dragon

Australian Wood Duck

Pacific Black Duck

Red Emu

Australian Miniature Goat

Black Australian Mini Goat

Sleeping Bag Unicorn

Sleeping Bag Unicorn Foal

Australian Brumby Horse

Australian Brumby Foal

Black Australian Stock Horse

Black Australian Stock Foal

Ballerina Kangaroo

Mama Roo

Pink Kangaroo

Ballerina Koala

Captain Koala

Deckhand Possum

Blue Tongue Lizard

Tasmanian Pademelon

Australian Galah Parrot

Rainbow Lorikeet

Island Pegasus

Island Pegasus Foal

Aussie Fairy Penguin


Landrance Pig

Grey Platypus

Gray Australian Pony

Gray Australian Pony Foal

White Australian Pony

White Australian Pony Foal

Brushtail Possum

Leadbeaters Posum

White Australorp Rooster

Black Australian Fur Seal


Australian Growmark Sheep

Sugar Glider

Tasmanian Devil

Australian Cane Toad

Australian Brush Turkey

Eastern Snake Necked Turtle

Outback Unicorn

Outback Unicorn Foal

Reef Unicorn

Reef Unicorn Foal

Vintner Unicorn

Vintner Unicorn Foal

Albino Wallaby

Swamp Wallaby

Wallaby-wannabe Weasel

Grey Wombat

Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat

Fern Kangaroo

Wine Bandicoot

Lorikeet Unicorn

Lorikeet Unicorn Foal


Rainbow Serpent

Australian Draught Horse

Australian Draught Foal

Pharlap Horse

Pharlap Foal

Dropbear Kangaroo

White Cuscus
Sleepy Koala
Hiking Frilled Lizard

Black Echidna

Large Red Kangaroo

Aussie Dragicorn

Blue Winged Kookaburra

Duck Cube

Baby Hippo

First Mate Pony

First Mate Pony Foal

Little Wing Pegasus

Little Wing Pegasus Foal

Tripping Tiger

Little Tourist Penguin

Floaty Elephant

Opossum Bandit

Protobird Anteater

Diamond Unicorn

Diamond Unicorn Foal

Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for the latest info about the new Australian farm, and remember to share this post with your friends if you find it helpful.

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