Farmville Aussie Cruise Escapade

Aussie Cruise
Once in the land of Australia, you can’t surely miss out the wonderful Cruise there… Let’s get cruising and see if we can stumble upon something that can make you famous…
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Aussie Cruise Escapade Stage 1
22nd April 2013 to 23rd April 2013
Blips, Tics and Pings!: A Radar will show us the safest spots to cruise, as well as the best spots to explore!
Task Reward
Vegespread Sandwich Tree
Ask your friends for Radars! Vegespread Sandwich Tree

Aussie Cruise Escapade Stage 2
23rd April 2013 to 25th April 2013
Where are the mates, mate?: We need more sailors to share the fun and work with. Ask your mates!
Task Reward
Deckhand Possum
Get 8 Friends to Help Deckhand Possum

Aussie Cruise Escapade Stage 3
25th April 2013 to 28th  April 2013
Reef Exploring: We'll need more equipment before exploring the reef. Collect Scuba Gear, Sunscreen and Bag Lunches.
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Reward
First Mate Pony
Get 7 Scubagear Get 7 Sunscreen Get 7 Bag Lunches First Mate Pony

Aussie Cruise Escapade Stage 4
28th April 2013 to 29th April 2013
Catering Crew: The boat may be rocking, but the passengers still need to eat! Ask your mates to join the catering crew!
Task Reward
Holiday Card Tree
Get 7 Friends To Help Holiday Card Tree

Aussie Cruise Escapade Stage 5
29th April 2013 to 1st  May 2013
Seaworthy Glass: Before we sail off, we'll need to make sure the ship is up for it. Ask your mates for Seaworthy Glass!
Task Reward 1 Reward 2
Floaty Elephant 3 Pack of Turbos
Get 8 Seaworthy Glass Floaty Elephant 3 Pack of Turbos

Aussie Cruise Escapade Stage 6
1st May 2013 to 4th May 2013
Tasmanian Tour: Next stop, Tasmania! Ask your friends for some Hiking Boots, Binoculars and Cameras to continue our quest!
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Reward
Ballerina Kangaroo
Get 9 Hiking Boots Get 9 Binoculars Get 9 New Cameras Ballerina Kangaroo

Aussie Cruise Escapade Stage 7
4th May 2013 to 5th May 2013
Daydreamers: Trips like these are for mates with imaginations. Find the Daydreamers amongst your friends!
Task Reward
Australian Sailor Gnome
Get 7 Friends to Help Australian Sailor Gnome

Aussie Cruise Escapade Stage 8
5th May 2013 to 7th May 2013
Prepare to Dock: Now that the ship is fancier, it's also a bit taller. We need a fancy boat dock to go with our fancy boat. Ask mates for Dock Wood!
Task Reward 1 Reward 2
Waratah Bloom Mystery Game Dart
Get 10 Dock Wood Waratah Bloom Mystery Game Dart

Aussie Cruise Escapade Stage 9
7th May 2013 to  12th May 2013
Daydream Island Cruise: We're shoving off to Daydream Island. Before that we need Shoes, Sightseeing Guides and History Books!
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Reward
Get 12 Walking Shoes Get 12 Sight Seeing Guides Get 12 Landshark

Aussie Cruise Escapade Stage 10
12th May 2013 to  14th May 2013
Voyagers Needed: We have almost built up the Aussie Cruise Ship to a Super Yacht! We'll need adventurous souls for its Maiden Voyage!
Task Reward
Aussie Waterfall
Get 8 Friends to Help Aussie Waterfall

Aussie Cruise Escapade Stage 11
14th May 2013 to  16th May 2013
All Aboard: We need more sailors to share the fun and work with. Ask your mates!
Task Reward
Queensland Bottle Tree
Get 12 Boarding Ramps Queensland Bottle Tree

Aussie Cruise Escapade Stage 12
16th May 2013 to  21st May 2013
Super Ship: Wow! Your mates have helped us build quite the yacht! All that's left is to collect Video Cameras, Life Preservers and a few more Ship Crew!
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Reward
Australian Freisian Sahiwal Cow
Get 15 Video Cameras Get 15 Life Preservers Get 15 Ship’s Crew Australian Freisian Sahiwal Cow

That completes the Aussie Cruise Escapade details… Hope you enjoyed the cruise to be a memorable one…

Happy Farming!

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  1. Not in Australia yet, still doing the Rainy One.

  2. did u get the hanging garden yet? what raining one

    1. Yes I have Hanging Gardens, The april Showers one-I have those bits now. Pity that Zynga decided to give us free access yesterday, I missed out on getting the First Mate Pony-they should of paused it or something so that those that gain free access can start over and not half way through the escapade.

  3. Does Anyone know how to get the rest of the fields on the hanging gardens farm? I have 95 and it says that there are 300 available... not sure how to access the rest...


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