Crafting in the Aussie Winery

Below is a text chart of the various recipes that we can make in the Aussie Winery... Their bushel requirements, mastery level requirements, and also their requirements with respect to the building level required to craft that recipe... All info in one place...

Note: In case you find any errors, or want to suggest something more to be added to this post, please let us know...

By the way, if you are wondering why some bushels show very low timings than actuals for the regular crops, let me clarify that the timings are following a new pattern… For example, while the Sunflower crop takes 1 day to grow, the Club Sunflower crop (when available) can be grown in 2 hours and will still give the same Sunflower Bushel, and hence the lower timing has been considered for the benefit of the players… You can check the timings for all the crops in the DF Crop Chart

Star-Level RequiredRecipe NameBushels RequiredMastery NumbersCraft Time
Bushel 1Bushel 2Bushel 3
1Aussie Beer
Aussie Beer
3 Australian Barley Bushel3 Red Sorghum Bushel3 Wheat Bushel10/20/30/40/50360 mins
8 hrs8 hrs11 hrs 30 mins
Bush Bread
Bush Bread
3 Australian Wheat Bushel3 Australian Barley Bushel3 Blackberry Bushel10/20/30/40/50360 mins
4 hrs8 hrs3 hrs 48 mins
Koala Biscuits
Koala Biscuits
3 Blue Lupin Bushel3 Red Australian Wheat Bushel2 Lilly Pilly Bushel10/20/30/40/50360 mins
12 hrs4 hrs4 hrs
Sorghum Couscous
Sorghum Couscous
3 Red Sorghum Bushel3 Kutjera Tomato Bushel3 Ghost Chili Bushel10/20/30/40/50360 mins
8 hrs23 hrs6 hrs
3 Field Peas Bushel3 Sweet Corn Bushel3 Pumpkin Bushel10/20/30/40/50360 mins
15 hrs 54 mins15 hrs 54 mins8 hrs
2Canola Oil
Canola Oil
3 Canola Bushel2 Kangaroo Paws Bushel3 Soybean Bushel13/23/33/43/53360 mins
12 hrs6 hrs23 hrs
Pickled Lupin
Pickled Lupin
3 Yellow Lupin Bushel3 Canola Bushel4 Cucumber Bushel13/23/33/43/53360 mins
12 hrs12 hrs12 hrs
Sparkling Wine
Sparkling Wine
3 Mangosteen Bushel3 Red Sorghum Bushel3 Shiraz Grape Bushel13/23/33/43/53360 mins
19 hrs 54 mins8 hrs19 hrs 54 mins
Vinter's Vest
3 Australian Cotton Bushel2 Shiraz Grape Bushel4 Cotton Bushel13/23/33/43/53360 mins
12 hrs19 hrs 54 mins12 hrs
3Field Pea Surprise
Field Pea Surprise
3 Field Peas Bushel3 Kutjera Tomato Bushel3 Okra Bushel16/26/36/46/56360 mins
15 hrs 54 mins23 hrs11 hrs 54 mins
Muntrie Chutney
Muntrie Chutney
3 Muntries Bushel3 Semillon Grape Bushel3 Pattypan Bushel16/26/36/46/56360 mins
15 hrs 54 mins19 hrs 54 mins16 hrs
Semillon Chardonay
Semillon Chardonay
3 Semillon Grape Bushel4 Red Sorghum Bushel3 Grape Bushel16/26/36/46/56360 mins
19 hrs 54 mins8 hrs12 hrs
3 Shiraz Grape Bushel3 Canola Bushel3 White Grape Bushel16/26/36/46/56360 mins
19 hrs 54 mins12 hrs12 hrs
Sweet Corn Cakes
Sweet Corn Cakes
3 Sweet Corn Bushel3 Australian Wheat Bushel3 Sunflower Bushel16/26/36/46/56360 mins
15 hrs 54 mins4 hrs12 hrs
4Fava Bean Salad
Fava Bean Salad
3 Fava Beans Bushel2 Field Peas Bushel3 Lettuce Bushel19/29/39/49/59360 mins
23 hrs15 hrs 54 mins8 hrs
Kutjera Pepper Pasta
Kutjera Pepper Pasta
3 Kutjera Tomato Bushel3 Muntries Bushel3 Pepper Bushel19/29/39/49/59360 mins
23 hrs15 hrs 54 mins23 hrs
Lillipilli Cookies
Lillipilli Cookies
3 Lillipilli Bushel3 Australian Barley Bushel4 Rice Bushel19/29/39/49/59360 mins
19 hrs 54 mins8 hrs12 hrs
Stuffed Aussie Peppers
Stuffed Aussie Peppers
3 Aussie Purple Pepper Bushel2 Yellow Lupin Bushel4 Carrot Bushel19/29/39/49/59360 mins
23 hrs12 hrs12 hrs
5Kangaroo Paw Cocktail
Kangaroo Paw Cocktail
4 Kangaroo Paws Bushel2 Australian Pineapple Bushel3 Raspberry Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
6 hrs14 hrs2 hrs
Pineapple Salsa
Pineapple Salsa
3 Australian Pineapple Bushel3 Kutjera Tomato Bushel3 Pepper Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
14 hrs23 hrs23 hrs
Rhubarb Crumble
Rhubarb Crumble
3 Australian Sugar Cane Bushel3 Lillipilli Bushel3 Strawberry Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
46 hrs19 hrs 54 mins3 hrs 48 mins
Yellow Myrtle Cocktail
Yellow Myrtle Cocktail
3 Yellow Myrtle Flower Bushel3 Red Sorghum Bushel3 Peppermint Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
69 hrs8 hrs23 hrs

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