Land Down Under Scoop : Farmville Australia, Next Farm Revealed

On January 17th, 2013, Zynga released a poll survey concerning 3 possible farm expansions: Madagascar, Australia and Africa… Well, our team have gotten you some more hints, and the next farm is now revealed as “Farmville Australia”... So get ready to travel from your undersea adventure, and visit the Land Down Under…
Check out this post for some Possible Unreleased Crops Mastery Signs of the soon to come Farmville Australia, and do share with your friends in case you find this post helpful!

Australian Barley Australian Cotton Australian Pineapple Australian Purple Pepper Australian Sugarcane
Australian Wheat Canola Fava Beans Field Peas Kangaroo Paws
Kutjera Tomato Lilli Pilli Muntires Red Sorghum Roo X-ing Sign
Semillon Grape Shiraz Grape Sweet Corn Yellow Lupin Yellow Myrtle

For info about some unreleased Australian animals, check here.

For info regarding some unreleased features, trees and deco, check here.

What do you think about the soon to come Farmville Australia? Will you play it when Zynga releases this new Expansion? Well, do let us know by commenting on this thread, and by sharing this post with your friends!

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  1. where was this survey, never seen it and been playing this game since '09

    1. the dirt farmer page on facebook put it out a while ago, had it pinned to the top of the page for a week or two.

  2. Let us sell off some farms we're not doing any more for make expansions on the ones we do the most..this is getting ridiculous,and fix the glitches before bring out a new farm again!

  3. I don't even have the undersea farm yet as I don't pay for early access. not for just a week early. Way too early to start another. They don't even give us time to work on the ones we have.

  4. NOT in this life time ;o

  5. do u think this is all I have to do all day and night;ur gonna loose more and more people and without friends there is no game,dont u know when to stop? Give us a brake !

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. That was a little rude! You are most likely the person that spends all day and night on the farm and is tired of people complaining! You know youngsters do play farmville too!

  8. I would like to see and can't wait for the day when they release an "OUTER SPACE" farm.
    The possibilities are endless. If FarmVille were a board game like Monopoly then there would be no new trees, animals, quests, crops ---- like I said.....ENDLESS !

  9. Make it possible to finish the damn quests before you start releasing new farms. It either takes too long or costs too much as it is!

  10. I love new farms and don't care how many they bring out or how often. All that I would like to see is that they fix the overall game play first. They don't even have EG completed. No water crops yet. I do enjoy starting the new ones out. It can be such fun, except for all the bugs and slow-to-no loading of any farm. Zynga please fix the problems and then bring on as many new farms as you can program.Oh yeah and don't forget to offer coin expansions on all sizes/farms.

  11. I would like to see some more coin expansions on all the farms(all but Atlantis and that one is new) that would be real nice so we could use some of our coins. Love the farms and the game.

  12. out of space farm cos we soon all will be

  13. Only grip I have is if they keep adding farms, then they need to allow more fuel, more storage for crops. This 50 more bushels for a new farm is a joke. And what happen to the sponsor adds at bottom of the farm where you could get free farm cash.


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