Farmville Unreleased Treetop Contest

Farmville will soon release another Country Fair Contest into the game, and this time it will be a Treetop Style contest… Not much info is available as of now but expect it to work similarly to the previous Country Fair Contest... Do check out the post for more info of what we have gathered for you, and share with your friends in case you find this helpful…

Unreleased Loading Screen:
Once released into the game, you will get the following pop-up on your farm:

A look at the inside of the contest screen:

And here is a preview of the possible Unconfirmed Prizes of the contest:

Seedling Apple Tree Sapling Apple Tree Pole Plum Apple Tree Old Growth Plum Apple Tree Overgrown Plum Apple Tree Grand Plum Apple Tree
Seedling Berry Tree Sapling Berry Tree Pole Berry Tree Old Growth Berry Tree Overgrown Berry Tree Grand Berry Tree
Seedling Citrus Tree Sapling Citrus Tree Pole Citrus Tree Old Growth Citrus Tree Overgrown Citrus Tree Grand Citrus Tree
Seedling Lemon Tree Sapling Lemon Tree Pole Lemon Tree Old Growth Lemon Tree Overgrown Lemon Tree Grand Lemon Tree
Seedling Stone Fruit Tree Sapling Stone Fruit Tree Pole Stone Fruit Tree Old Growth Stone Fruit Tree Overgrown Stone Fruit Tree Grand Stone Fruit Tree

What do you think about the new to come Treetop Contest? Will you be playing it and collecting these cool trees? Do let us know by commenting on this thread, and by sharing this info with your friends!

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  1. It seems to have started...when I am harvesting crops, I get a message telling me I have too much mulch...but when I try and open the fair icon, the game freezes and I have to reload! Cool!! They've added ANOTHER error!!

  2. I will let it do itself the same way I did with the animals. If I finish fine, if I don't oh well who needs another tree anyway?

  3. can't open it too

  4. I love the new trees, I would like to join


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