Farmville Medium and Large Orchard Harvester

It looks like two more Orchard Harvesters will soon be released into the game, The large Orchard Harvester will  harvest even more of  your many orchards on your farms at a time. Twice as many at a time to be exact. Then there is the medium Orchard Harvester with some new and unique patterns. Check below to see what we have found. Please do share with your farming friends if you find the post helpful.

The Large Orchard Harvester will be priced at 150 FC This upcoming version will harvest 40 orchards per click – double the productivity of the original. The Medium Orchard Harvester will be priced at 40 FC and will harvest 12 orchards per click . To read more about the Original Orchard Harvester that harvests 20 orchards per click  and is priced at 100 FC click here.

A Look at the Loading Screen.

Once again there will be multiple patterns to choose from with 2 variations of each pattern.

Note: Orchard Harvesters and Animal Pen Harvesters require fuel to function. Their energy cost is 3 as opposed to 1 for other vehicles, which means they will consume 3 units of fuel for every individual building harvested (not per click, per building)

Large Orchard Harvester Patterns



Medium Orchard Harvester Patterns



Are you excited about this development? Will you be getting a new larger  Orchard Harvester to use on your farm? Stay tuned for more information, which we’ll deliver as soon as it’s available.

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  1. Well we have so many coins and can't buy somethings with coins , better coins coins coins to buy some animal or this harvest trees

  2. wouldn't use it as I like to harvest an orchard and know if that one produced a seedling or not. I usually will delete seedlings I do not want to grow

    1. Just stagger your orchards so that they're not all ready at the same time. Harvest all the boring ones on one day and delete all the seedlings. Harvest the interesting orchards the next day and raise the seedlings.

  3. I'd use it only for the orchards with trees that need mastering insted of getting seedlings. For the regular orchards it's a no go for I like to drag and drop my new trees from one orchard to another.

  4. It was my birthday on March 14, any chance of getting this for my birthday pressie Mr & Mrs Zynga :D


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