Farmville Organic Crops Coming Soon

Organic Crops
Farmville is all set to go Organic… Confused? Well, we players will soon have option to plant crops like Blueberries, Tomatoes, Strawberries, etc… You may ask, what’s different with these and the regular crops? Well, these organic crops, once mastered, will give you Double XP, Double Coins, and Double Bushels forever when harvested… That’s a good bargain if you ask me…
By the way, don’t confuse them with the super crops, as super crops only give more bushels, but not XP and coin bonus like these Organic crops… The possible list of crops and crafts that will go organic, have already been covered in this post (click here)

We have also found an Organic Fertilizer Bag, which will possibly be used, or got from these Organic crops:

Organic Fertilizer

More info on the Organic crops will follow later when we get hands full of info again… Happy Farming!

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