Farmville Hanging Gardens: Treasures

Like every Farm, Hanging Gardens will have its own unique Treasures… For this farm there will be 2 types of treasures: Wall Treasures, and Square Treasures, which will contain 2 different types of rewards… You will be needing Trowels that you have to craft in the Garden Tool Shed in order to open them…
Also Hanging Gardens treasures will have their own unique dynamic: you will need to open them in order to unlock the next ones by levelling up…
The treasures will be divided into several categories, including: Ruined Jade Bridge, World Horizontal Ruined Wall, Gem Ruined Wall, Ruined Botanical Bridge, Aztec Ruined Wall, Jade Treasure, Aztec Treasure, Botanical Treasure, Gem Treasure, World Treasure, and Final Treasure...

You will need Trowels in order to open and unlock the treasures:
First, lets have a look at the Square Treasures, followed of a tutorial of the same:
Small Square Treasure Large Square Treasure
Click here to check out the amount of materials needed in order to open the Center Treasures

And here is a look at the different Wall Treasures, followed by a tutorial of the same:
Ruined Botanical Bridge Botanical Ruined Wall Aztec Ruined Wall
150 Trowels 160 Trowels 170 Trowels
Ruined Jade Bridge World Vertical Ruined Wall World Horizontal Ruined Wall
210 Trowels 240 Trowels 310 Trowels
Gem Ruined Wall
400 Trowels
What do you think about the new farm treasures? Do let us know by leaving you comments on this thread and by sharing it with your friends…

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  1. I don't even do that stupid fountain that need millions of 2 hr raspberries to make a 1 bolt, 50 levels is BORING so this is a useless item again

  2. Anyone else sensing an April Fool's joke in this? Either by the Farmville team or Dirt Farmer? :)

  3. They have lost their freaking minds. What happened to the old FUN FarmVille?

  4. Several farms ago I stopped trying to keep up with all the quests and only do the ones that are farm-specific and rarely, if ever, do any of the other quests. Just going to every farm and using an arborist and farmhands, collecting from coin-bearing buildings, such as beach resort and Master Liu's, and Ferris Wheel, etc., can take two hours depending on how fast FV is responding. This is supposed to be fun, so I pick and choose.

  5. Didn't see any early release today...April Fool's Joke?

  6. You guys have lost your minds.....this crafting is so BORING! Farmville used to be it's a full time job...No body wants to craft...they never stinks.

    1. I could not agree with you more! I am giving up after mastering all my crops (Atlantic), if not before.. I stop the questSSSSSSSSSSSSS long time ago.. I am sick of always hunting for stupid bushels..

  7. I am giving up on this gave there are too many stuff to collect and it takes ages.. The game is very slow, keeps crashing so before adding more and more farms and stupif stuff Zynga should have fixed basic problems!! I will only finish mastering the crops and collect my animals building once in a while... Farmville is no more fun for me... too stressful to collect various parts for # buildings. I gave up on quests ages ago!! Now I am starting to get my life back! :)

  8. can anyone tell me how i can get the hanging garden it never showed up on my wall or farm, i never had anything on side to click on anyone else in same boat with me out there.


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