Farmville Hanging Gardens: A New Twist On Concept Farms.

Farmville & Zynga will soon be releasing a second concept farm in the vein of Angler’s Pond. It will be another non-farm, lacking expansions & with limited crops, with specific goals to achieve. While there are no visible images of the new farm as of yet, (images included are of a similar theme) we do have some information for you on what to expect. Check out the details below & please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.
It appears that the new concept farm will be called Hanging Gardens & modeled after the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. It will be a very limited farm experience at this time, with no expansions in existence & a limit of only 300 plots.

The theme of the farm will be treasures. There will be several types of treasures that you can open & you will need to open them in order to unlock the next ones by leveling up.

Farmville Hanging Gardens could be released as soon as 1st April, 2013 . Farmville Hanging Gardens has now begun to go LIVE and the early access has been scrapped. It is releasing with FREE access.

The new farm will have it’s own unique currency which will be trowels. This currency will be different than any previous currency in Farmville in that it cannot be earned or purchased, only crafted. You will be able to craft using two all new crops Gold Ore & Turmeric & one existing one Amber Grain. There will also be a slim chance of acquiring trowels when you harvest crops, pens & orchards on all farms.

The  Gold Ore crop appears at this time to be ineligible to share its bushels via the market stalls, requiring everyone to grow their own.

Hanging Gardens will have its own Craft Shop, it does not appear at this time that the recipes can be made on other farms.

  • Trowel Buckets ( 4 Gold Ore Bushels, 3 Turmeric Bushels, 3 Amber Grain Bushels) This recipe will take 24 hours to complete and will yield 20 Trowels.
  • Trowel Crates ( 6 Gold Ore Bushels, 4 Turmeric Bushels, 4 Amber Grain Bushels) This recipe will take 24 hours to complete and will yield 40 Trowels. You must unlock the JADE treasures before you will be able to craft trowel crates. 
  • Trowel Chests ( 8 Gold Ore Bushels, 5 Turmeric Bushels, 5 Amber Grain Bushels) This recipe will take 24 hours to complete and will yield 80 Trowels. You must unlock the GEM treasures before you will be able to craft trowel chests.

Treasures & Materials Needed

Treasure Trowels Needed
Ruined Botanical Bridge 150
Ruined Botanical Bridge (Center) 150
Ruined Botanical Bridge 150
Ruined Botanical Wall 160
Aztec Ruined Wall 170
Aztec Ruined Wall (Center) 170
Aztec Ruined Wall 190
Ruined Jade Bridge 210
Ruined Jade Bridge 210
World Vertical Ruined Wall 240
Ruined Bridge 270
Ruined Bridge (Center) 270
World Horizontal Ruined Wall 310
Gem Ruined Treasure 350
Gem Ruined Treasure  (Center) 350
Gem Wall Ruined Treasure 400
Final Treasure 440

Finally, here are some items that are affiliated with the new farm that you may be able to find in those treasures.  This is not yet confirmed & some may turn out to be market items. For a sneak peek at images of the  Animals , Trees & Decorations click the category names.

Animals Trees Decorations
Mystical Horse Feisty Gem Tree Lily Fairy Gnome
Jade War Horse Fairy Gold Tree Botanical Statue
Golden Deer Weeping Berry Tree Botanical Planter
Global Cow Tropical Mystical Tree Botanical Fountain
Emerald Gem Unicorn Rainbow Magnolia Tree Aztec Cow Statue
Golden Winged Pony Rainbow Gem Bonsai Tree Aztec Centerpiece
Flowery Puppy Jade Fan Tree
Light Mist Pegacorn
Botanical Monster
Gem Cow

The final reward for the new Hanging Gardens Farm appears to be an Instagrow Fountain which you will be able to harvest for a free Instagrow Potion once per week.  Unlike the instagrow potions that are rewards for the leaderboard, you will not be able to share this reward with your friends.

What do you think? Will you be playing the new Hanging Gardens concept farm? Let us know by commenting & sharing our post. Happy Farming.

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  1. No Way We Have enough For now Let us spend the cash we have instead of everything Farm cash Ready to tell them to shove it

    1. that goes for me too - I'm not getting this farm at all - or any other new one!

  2. Nah - probably not.

  3. only for the instagrows, as we canot buy these !

  4. This is funny. Some players have been clamoring for a way to harvest instagrows. Now Zynga provides an avenue to do it, and some are complaining about the effort it will take to get such a valued reward. Go ahead and tell Zynga to shove it (a very mature response, by the way.) No one will care or miss this type of player.

  5. it states can be harvsted for instant grow once a week..that sucks

  6. Sounds like fun!!!! I like the little side games/tasks that they are bringing in now and I LOVE the Dairy!!! No time limits or deadlines, all at your own pace... and a nice diversion from the usual farm chores :) Bring it on!!!

  7. I'm supposed to craft 400+ of something on ONE FARM ONLY? That's absurd.

  8. This is a April Fools' Joke!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????

  9. I am so hoping this is an April Fools

  10. wasn't too interested until I saw the instagrow - eyes popped - if I can do it at my own pace (snail of course lol) like the diary farm I'll give it try


  12. ...after this brief intermission while I snooze off.

  13. I think this too will pass....not interested...can't even keep up with what I have starting to skip quests, prizes aren't that interesting, I mean how many new dragons, cows, horses, etc. can we possibly place on our over crowded farms while we wait patiently for expansion with coins. I pay good money to play this game, to buy things to help me move faster through quests, buy special things, etc. and now I find that I no longer have live chat, even though I have spent 50.00 in Jan. and in Feb. and was prepared to cash in 50.00 more in gift cards as soon as they have another sale...but I am thinking that this game is becoming too much like a job, a never ending, 7 day a week job...I did not know this game would change so much from when I first started it...and so many of my friends have either stopped playing or have cut down the playing time to an hour or so a day....where is the fun???

  14. I think I will wait until is free to access, I don't do that early access stuff, I like the idea though.

  15. I was under the Impression This is about Google and joining together
    outside the box of Facebook. Use FB as a basic sharing pad; play the newer games
    Out-side the actual play Field.....This could make some better playing all the way round ....For everybody...!!!

  16. thank god i quit fv

  17. Maybe, but will not purchase early access. Really need to think about this one.

  18. I got the Emerald Gem Unicorn today, does it produce a foal in the Paddock or not???

  19. BUT what do you do when your completed and getting Inst gro ? I have 5700 gold trowels ?


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