Farmville Hanging Gardens: Decorations

The soon to come Farmville Hanging Gardens Farm will have it’s own unique decorations. You will be able to find some of these in treasures, while others may be purchasable in the market. We have found some unreleased images for you, for a sneak peek at what to expect from the decorations. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

Jade Park 
Jade  Bushes
Botanical Planter
Jade Waterfall
Jade Zen Garden
Aztec Cow Statue
Aztec Duck Totem
Botanical Fountain
Botanical Statue
Gem Swan
Global Gnome
Gold Garden
Jade Dragon Fountain
Rainforest Fountain (Gives Instagrow)
Rainforest Vine Plant
World Vase
Gem Waterfall
Rainforest Jungle
Lily Fairy Gnome
World Cottage
Jade Centerpiece
Aztec Centerpiece
Gem Centerpiece
World Centerpiece

Finally a sneak peek at a high resolution image of the final decoration you will uncover. The Rainforest Fountain which will give you a free insta grow potion each week.
What do you think? Will you be playing Farmville Hanging Gardens and collecting these cool decorations while crafting your way to the Instagrow Fountain? Do let us know.

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  1. Jade + Zen + Aztec + World + Rainforest = hodgepodge. I wish they could define a theme & stick to it!

  2. yes I'd like to know how to get the Gem Tower for side farm Hanging Gardens it's been 3 years since that game and we went on to something else never got to get it. I've got 450 gems and I can't get my gifts till I get rid of stuff selling does no good it doesn't take the amount down cause I've sold stuff the only thing that works is placing stuff I need my gifts to complete things on Farms with out them I'm at a standstill and I've got 91 I can't use help please or you need to go higher than and half othe things to place I have no clue of which farm to put them on you need to put on the items where they go
    Thanks hopefully some one in the studio can help me out cause this is highly unfair!


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