Farmville Atlantis: Clamshell and Treasure Chest Contents

Like any other farm in Zynga Farmville,  the Atlantis farm has unique treasures called Clamshells and Treasure Chests…  Well, I am sure you are all interested in knowing what you can uncover in those treasures… Check below to see what we have found for the prizes in these Atlantis Treasures, and remember to share this post if you find the information helpful . . .

To know more about the parts required to open the below treasures, click here

Small Treasure Chest
(80 SP)

Medium Treasure Chest
(160 SP)

Large Clamshell
(240 SP)

Extra Large Clamshell
(320 SP)

Seafloor Octopus

Chicken Athena Statue

Seahorse Chariot

Great Whale Shark

Cow Poseidon Statue

Leptis Magna

Red Anemone Tree

Glowing Jellyfish Tree

Duck Poseidon Statue

Royal Gramma


Basking Zebra Shark

Mantis Shrimp

Sun Seastar

Lined Seahorse

Coral Parthenon

Ninja Seastar

Atlantean Arch

Pink Coral Tree

Keiko the Whale

Trident in a Rock

Moorish Idol Fish

Green Anemone Tree

Commerson’s Dolphin

Baby Sea Turtle

Sapphire Coral

Common Dolphin


Ruby Coral

Marine Angelfish

Scoophead Shark

Amethyst Coral

Leafy Sea Dragon

Sea Fan Tree

Reef Triggerfish

Temple of Neptune

Spinner Dolphin

Jewel Scale Eel

Temple of Poseidon


Weedy Scorpionfish

Beluga Whale

Great Mantaray

Kelp Forest Tree

Pink Narwhal

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

And just as with the Enchanted Glen farm, Zynga has again given us the ability to purchase more of the prizes from the market once they are uncovered:


Well, what do you think of the prizes from the treasures? Did Zynga do a good job? Remember to share this post with your friends if you find it helpful.

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  1. I got one of those Ninja Seastars... what an ugly & dumb looking thing... how does this even fit into the Atlantis theme... YUK!

  2. I got a spotted dolphin under a clam and it wouldn't allow me to put it on Atlantis. They need to fix that glitch.

    I'm glad Atlantis finally came out for free !! It's now one of my favorite farms.


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