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Farmville and Zynga will soon be releasing an all new Valentine’s Day buildable, the Tree of Love to our farms. You will earn special prizes as you build your Tree of Love. This is a unique and magical feature, unlike anything we have seen in the past. We have found a special sneak peek for you at the tree and some hints as to how it works. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful

Build the Tree of Love and spread love to special animals on your farm! You will win prizes as the building grows. You will then have the opportunity for them to undergo a magical transformation by putting them near the Tree of Love.
A preview of the loading screen

A look at the stages of the building
The parts that you will use to build your Tree of Love & the quantities that are required (Total parts required 175)

Teddy Bears
Heart Leaves
Cupid’s Arrow
1 6 6 9
2 8 8 12
3 10 10 15
4 12 12 18
5 14 14 21
Total 50 50 75

A look inside the building & at how it works

A hint at how to get prizes
Some high-res animations of the rewards and their magical transformations
A look at the prizes for this event.

Building Level Completed Outside of Tree of Love Highlight area Inside of Tree of Love Highlight Area
Valentine's Duckling


Pink Sheep


Forbidden Love Dog & Cat


Loving Cow


Loving Pegacorn

The following animals are MARKET ONLY and will not be rewarded as prizes for the feature. They will be able to undergo the magical transformation when placed in the highlighted area around the Tree of Love if you opt to purchase them for farm cash.
Outside of Highlighted Area Around Tree of Love Inside of Highlighted Area Around Tree of Love
Loving Dragon
Pouty Corgi
Couple of Kittens
Heart Pig

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