Rotating Orchards & Planning Groves

The last in our series of the 4 Golden Glitches of FarmVilleWe show you how to rotate those orchards and we include a brief HOW TO plan those Groves
We hope you find the video presentation informative

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  1. I am going to redo my unmastered trees with the groves which you show in the video. Great idea thanks :)

  2. When Groves first came out, as I understood it, you only earn Mastery Points on the Blue Bonus areas. But you do earn seedlings in the groves, so I was putting only 3 star Mastered Trees inside the Groves, to earn water, but I really don't want the Seedlings from mastered trees. But I have moved trees through the groves, and the mastery point does increase just +1 at a time. How do you decide what goes inside a grove?

  3. this doesn't work, the orchard has to have been in the blue space for atleast one harvest then the second one the bonus will work


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