Malware Warnings on Google Chrome

Today, many Google Chrome users have been seeing malware warning screens when trying to access Farmville or a variety of other major sites. We here at the Dirt Farmer have discovered the reason for these messages and what it means to you. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

Update 9th February, 2012.

Once again players are reporting being blocked by malware warnings on Google Chrome while trying to access Farmville, other Facebook apps or a variety of major websites including You Tube,Wikia, Pogo and many news sites.

This time the reported source is more mysterious. It appears to be a club at the University of Switzerland, not an ad provider. Searches on urlquery for the domain in question turned up no alerts. Comodo Web Inspector turned up only the blacklisting. There is little information available this far. If you wish to proceed to access the game, you will need to try another browser. You can read more here and here. We will keep you posted by updating this post as further developments arise.

Special thanks to Farmer Hope from our Ask The Dirt Farmer group for the heads up that sparked our investigation.

Have you seen this screen when trying to click through to the game or another site today?


What the screen means

What folks are seeing is a NOTICE that there could be malware on the site that they are clicking to. It does not mean that YOU have a virus, it just means that for whatever reason, Google is warning that you could get one on that particular site. Nothing is wrong with your computer, Google is just protecting you.

Why you are seeing it

If we look at the picture, it specifies that content from cminetseer is on the site and that they are a known malware provider. Netseer is a major internet ad provider that interacts with other ad providers to deliver content to most major sites.
Netseer issued a statement this morning that their corporate site had been hacked and infected with malware, and consequently, Google added anything containing their content, including content for their ad server to the list list of blocked sites. The ad server was not hacked, & the ad content was never a risk, but was added to Google’s black list as well,  as a precaution due to shared software.
All of the issue has apparently been cleared at this time, so hopefully the notices will be gone soon.
Read more here

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  1. it is not fixed or just started back up again, i just got it 2 times just trying to go onto FV and FV2 several neighbors got it as well tonight. thanks for the information though.


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