Farmville Atlantis: Trees

As with any new farm, Atlantis will also come with it’s own grouping of unique trees . . . . check below for the images of these special trees and do remember to share with your friends if you find the post helpful.

Anemone Tree Giant Anemone Tree Arctic Cookie Star Tree Giant Arctic Cookie Star Tree Atlantean Seashell Tree Giant Atlantean Seashell Tree
Chiton Tree Giant Chiton Tree Chromodoris Nudibranch Tree Big Chromodoris Nudibranch Tree Clownfish Tree Giant Clownfish Tree
Cowry Tree Giant Cowry Tree Easter Egg Tree Giant Easter Egg Tree Glowing Jellyfish Tree Giant Glowing Jellyfish Tree
Golden Coral Tree Big Golden Coral Tree Green Anemone Tree Giant Green Anemone Tree Hypselodoris Nudibranch Tree Big Hypselodoris Nudicbranch Tree
Kelp Forest Tree Giant Kelp Forest Tree Orange Sea Pen Tree BigGiant Orange Sea Pen Tree Pink Coral Tree Giant Pink Coral Tree
Prism Coral Tree Big Prism Coral Tree Purple Star Tree Giant Purple Star Tree Red Anemone Tree Giant Red Anemone Tree
Rose Star Tree Giant Rose Star Tree Sea Fan Tree Giant Sea Fan Tree Sea Urchin Cactus Tree Giant Sea Urchin Cactus Tree
Slime Star Tree Giant Slime Star Tree Thorny Sea Star Tree Giant Thorny Sea Star Tree Tritonia Nudibranch Tree Big Tritonia Nudibranch Tree
Yellow Sea Pen Tree Big Yellow Sea Pen Tree

So what do you think of these unique new trees? Will you be excited to see them on your farm? Stay tuned for more news on the new Atlantis farm, and please remember to share this post if you find it helpful.

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