Farmville Atlantis: Shipping License

Farmville Atlantis has not even been released yet, but Zynga is well prepared. We have found hints that they will soon have a shipping license available! If they follow the pattern of past farms, you will be able to purchase it for farm cash first, with a Beat Atlantis event being released sometime later on. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

This unreleased loading screen foreshadows the ability to purchase a shipping license to transfer items to Farmville Atlantis from other farms. This time the offer may be coming with the farm.. We have found hints to indicate that the license will be released on 4th March along with the farm. At this time the license will be Farm Cash only with a price tag of 250 Farm Cash


What do you think? Will you be purchasing the shipping license for farm cash upon release or waiting for it to become available for free? Do let us know, happy farming!

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  1. when is the new farm be free? soon I hope.

  2. FV should give us options to use Farm Cash or Coins. Since we can buy 1,500 coins for 1 Farm Cash. Then makes sense example expansion costs 210 Farm Cash why not charge 1,500 x 210 Farm Cash = 315,000 Coins, that seems more than fair.


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