Farmville Atlantis: Plot Limits Return

The release of Farmville Atlantis will see the return of one of our least favorite game features… Plot Limits. Each farm size will again be limited to a certain number of plots. We have a sneak peek for you at how many plots you can have per level. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

UPDATE: As of the enhance on 1st March, Zynga has removed the plot limits for Atlantis from the code. We do not know if they will return prior to release.
Note: Though all of these have been coded, they may not all be available in the market at the time the farm is released.

Expansion Size Plot Limits
12x12 100
14x14 130
16x16 160
18x18 190
20x20 230
22x22 270
24x24 310
26x26 350
28x28 400
30x30 450
32x32 500
34x34 560
36x36 630
38x38 700
40x40 780
42x42 860
44x44 940
46x46 1020
48x48 1100
50x50 1180

What do you think? Do you find plot limits on farms add a level of challenge or do you hate them with a passion? Do let us know and please do share with friends. Happy Farming!
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  1. Is this a conspiracy to keep us at the farms all day? My computer can't handle another farm. All day long I'm having to refresh. Give us a break on these farms

  2. does anyone know when this new farm will be out? Gosh, it seems like just yesterday The Glen came out.

  3. hate plot limits!!

  4. new farm out march 4th for cash and free on march 11 and i hate plot limits as well dont know anyone who does...bad zynga!!!!

  5. hmmm wonder if farm is a kool as it looks here in dirt's site

  6. plot limits suck...they are just the greedy way for Z to make money to get us to expand or have to spend more on quests. new farms are cool but this is getting ridiculous. another farm to add to all the game crashes and crap.

  7. I think all farm upgrades should be farmville coins and plot limits bite. More things should be available for coins instead of cash....and if they want us to use FV cash then give us more FV cash for what we spend and let us trade in FV coins for FV cash and have more items in the market for coins instead of everything costing cash. What good is 100 million coins if I can't really spend them on anything.


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