Farmville Atlantis: Paid Early Access Gifting

Farmville Atlantis may release with another all new and interesting twist. This time around, as well as being able to purchase the special early access package for yourself, you may be able to gift a special neighbor with it as well. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

Note: This feature has already had issues prior to release. It mysteriously appeared on the wishlist and free gifts page. As of 1st March, Zynga has re-coded the feature and any free ones that you received in your gift box are no longer tied to it and will not work. We still cannot be certain that Zynga will in fact release the ability to gift early access to neighbors for Farm Cash, we are bringing you the scoop in case they go through with it.

The  Early Access neighbor gift will be priced at 45 Farm Cash, the same as purchasing Early Access for yourself. It will unlock the Atlantis Farm for the recipient, with the same perks as if they had purchased it themselves. Below are some high-resolution images that hint at what you will see if you send or receive Early Access via the paid neighbor gifting feature.

A look at the gifting screen

A look at the confirmation screen after successfully sending a gift

Finally a look at what the recipient will see

Similar to the variances among storage licenses, the recipient may get a consumable in his or her gift box and be able to access the new farm upon clicking use after release.


What do you think? Will you be helping a friend get an early start to their Atlantis  Adventure? Do let us know. Happy Farming.

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  1. There's no way they're going to go through with this. I already have 3 of these from glitches.

  2. Well I am willing to pay for the early access if the gifts of early access I recieved do not work. But let me just say this I contacted zynga customer service yesturday for the first time because I don't have the Leprechaun Cottage and didn't get Gilda's Crop Quest. I heard back from them within the hour. All I expected from them was to tell me they were working on it and it would be brought to their attention. And they went above and beyond what was expected. They gifted me farm cash and gave me all the gifts for the Quest even though it had not showed up on my farms since it's release on Wednesday. I was very impressed with the quick response on their part and going above and beyond. So even if it is a glitch you didn't pay for it and so there is no reason to be mad about it. It is a game. Now granted saying that I have to say I am disabled and play farmville all the time. So thanks to zynga customer service.

  3. i have 16 early acces tickets yesterday and today they are gone from my giftbox

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